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  1. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    gotta love minlacowie☺ great for squid those rocks.
  2. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    burners beach just magic right next to point soutter when looking from the cliffs to the right you have soutter ramp and rocks and to the left good old burners beach. heaps of salmon mullet and even flathead down on that beach. so many memories and the best part a camp sight so close to the water...picture perfect
  3. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    hit the yorks up noz it's a magical place. so many towns close to eachother if you get board at one move to the next. my favorite place for a bit of rock fishing is point soutar just after point turton. guaranteed a mixed bag this time of year. gar,tommies,ludrick,squid big drumma just for fun lol and so much more flathead whiting all sorts lol just a awesome place. hope you get onto a few goodluck😎
  4. Large 6" Praying Mantis..

    but he picks up a snake lol🐍 i definitely wouldnt pick one up😂
  5. Fiery sunset as weather moves in...

    some amazing pics there adrian ....even if you didn't have time to grab your good camera. nice going☺
  6. as bjorn stated above aussie dave desrved that prize pack on "straight up ballsyness"...i love my yak fishing but you wouldn't get me in a yak out off encounter bay☺ welldone on a great report/adventure and once again thanxs for sharing😎
  7. Snapper Opening 2017

    awesome ot was just the top blue one that didnt make sense to me...now it does. i can see the fish on the bottom one but side scans all new too me. thankyou😎
  8. Snapper Opening 2017

    hey samboman i understand the left picture but the blue pics on the right im not familiar with...any chance you could explain....pretty please☺
  9. Snapper Opening 2017

    all ive got is "SPEECHLESS" and THANKS FOR SHARING☺
  10. cheers for the kind words ps☺ its all good lol we always have alot of work coming in ... now that im half out of action due to my shoulder injury the other lads are working there butts off up to xmas😂 if i booked in anymore work before xmas the boys would have my head i reckon😊
  11. nah lol but i might go out for a geez sunday see if i can hunt a few big reds down☺
  12. lol i wouldnt be worried about a leak over the side in the WEE hours. thats easy😂😂 but i can imagine taking a number 2 would be a messy nightmare😅😅. whoever suggested on ANCHOR is a dead on #ANKER😊
  13. im pretty sure i read somewhere u only need to wear a pdf when on open deck. so if sleeping in cabin i suppose its alright?? stupid rules but time will tell i guess☺
  14. Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    great video chuck. thanxs for sharing😊