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  1. Firstly Mate would I would have to get you really drunk then blindfold you and then leave a 2am lol. But sure l can take you
  2. Hi Del, Pretty sure Cray's are protected in Sa. Without giving to much away I know of 2 spots within 30km of Murray Bridge that still have Cray's. Both spot's are not where many people would target
  3. Gday KS, Have you tried your lamb ribs?????
  4. Will also add that when you do find topside out cheap is to ask them to slice for you . I will normally ask for around 2mm thick sometimes they have done it free but the most has been $1 per kg. Don't forget that a smoker will also do a great job with added flavour. I normally will do a batch of 2kg in the smoker and when I do find the cheap meat I will marinate into batches and put into the really big ziplock bags and freeze really saves a lot of time and mess
  5. Do it Mate, You wont regret it, you will soon be out looking for more
  6. A few pictures from last night aftermath getting back from work Cheers
  7. Thanks Guys yes BB, If/ when the dam gets low again I have a lot of ideas to help the little ones They're nice little 'bows wilda.. should grow quite nicely.. Spot on, check for the Cormorants for sure, they'll clean out a dam in no time at all.. can eat up to three times their own body weight per day.. They've cleaned out many dams here not long after being stocked.. cheers Adrian Have been down for a few looks today but no sign of any fish. But more importantly no cormorants, has been a bit of a campaign of different types ov
  8. A quick update, Had a call stating that the bows are ready for pick up so a quick trip and soon had them home. Slowly acclimatising. Rough average size Slowly being released Was great to sit down with a few tins watching the occasional 'rise' as the end of another day came to a end. A big thanks to habitat4fish for all your help and advise mate. If anyone is thinking of setting up a dam for fish/ fishing get in contact with Trav he really knows his stuff Cheers
  9. Finished things of with a few bunnies last night. image.jpg HOLLY at those prices I would hate to know how many $ I have fed to the dogs in the last few months
  10. After visiting Panga, I loved the idea of Mr Angry I bought mine mainly for my mully/ beach fishing so mainly not to feed the seagulls. But this is a batch of whiting / general that I knocked up using yabbies both cooked and green, shrimp,crab,cray,pillies,squid, chook crumbs and pellets with a dash of tuna oil. This is then frozen in pvc tube that been cut to suit my burley pot Now just have to go fishing to try it out, hopefully one day Pick this masport up with reversible blades and a 2hp motor $75
  11. A picture of some of the yabbies released A picture of the dam from early march. Hopefully soon I will do another update with the release of the rainbows, can't wait for that!!! yah yah
  12. So very hard to release these back
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