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  1. Me too. Following sea can be treacherous, or going flat out and have to stop in a hurry and watch 1/2 ton water come over the transom in a big hurry
  2. LL Both boats are ok, but substantial freeboard does not mean great stability. Having owned at least 30 or 40 boats, all within that size range and all open boats, I’ve learnt a lot. Theres nothing worse than being on a small boat and feel like it’s going to tip over when two of you decide to go to the same side of the boat at once. There’s not a lot of alloy boats out there that this wi t happen on. Some are stable, most are not. As for the two you have shown I can’t comment on their stability as I’ve not been on them. Are you set on alloy? Why? I own a Gannet 15’ open r
  3. Haven’t heard any issues now for 6 months or more, hopefully the person landed on one of their own spikes and crawled under a bush to wither away
  4. If you got a trail bike heaps of beach riding and tracks behind the dunes. Once at the gap if you head north along the beach about 1/2 a km you will see a tin shed up in the dunes (nicknamed “camp crusty”). It regularly used by campers and can be accessed by a track along the beach or behind the dunes. Same thing if you keep head North up to Cape Elizabeth you will see another shack used for camping. Both are basic and sometimes quite crusty, but it’s a first come first served basis
  5. Noz, there are stacks of places up my way on Yorks. You could head to the gap. There’s a camping ground right next to beach, long drop dunny, and good fishing off the beach for gars Crabs yellowfin squid etc....
  6. I caught some 50 cm kg’s off the reef close to shore past Cape Elizabeth half way to Balgowan a few years back at the beginning of summer and was not happy with the taste. My usual catch is around the 36-44 range and my family of 7 all love and devour them. It’s usually a squabble who gets the most. The day I bought these big ones home everyone was keenly awaiting their dinner. I’m a retired chef and cooked them in my usual way which is just dusted with flour and pan fried in butter. First personto turn their nose up at them was my daughter, quickly followed by the rest of us. They
  7. Another lover of carp here. $5-$6 for a bag enough to do 10 nets. stinks like shit but that’s what makes it attractive for the crabs. i swear it out fishes all other bait. I tryto Go once a year to the Murray with the kids to stock my freezer with enough for the summer crabbing sessions.
  8. Victor Harbour is a popular spot. You have many accommodation choices as well as eateries. Granite island is a good family destination, there is a horse drawn tram thingy that crosses the causeway to the island (quite cheap). Once on the island there is a nice walk around it (not too far or strenuous) with ocean views everywhere. Calble lift to the bottom. At night on the island you can watch the ferry penguins come ashore. People fish of the wharf area, the causeway and off the rocks on the island.
  9. Well the forecast for Sunday is mild in the morning till around 1pm when it’s getting fresh. Problem is it’s from the South at this stage and that means blowing right up the gulf and gets a bit choppy as the wind increases. Past the light you might find a bit of a swell rising during the day, but if your boats biggish and your confident no dramas. I wouldn’t take my Gannet out on a rising southerly and they’re a stable boast even if small. As for fish gars, snook, crabs, squid all abundant.
  10. Not just crabbing, would be handy for Whiting as well. Dangle the bait, camera shows a small fish about to bite, pull it away and wait for the bigun.
  11. Up here on yorks the guys working the jetties that are serious about a feed get up real early and hit the water just before sunrise. Most of them use a teaser, which is basically a tommy rough on the end of a line dangling under a float (good to tie some thin copper wire around the tommy to stop it getting destroyed too much), there are NO hooks on the tommy. You have a few of these cast out at intervals and have a squid jig on a handline ready. When you see your float with the teaser on it get pulled under the water you know you have a squid hanging around, then you get your jig ready and
  12. Wow brutus, sounds like an epic trip - and to live there it must have been amazing!I briefly hooked a marlin out the back of cassini Island on spin gear. Massive fish and I've never seen line get stripped from a reel so quickly! Plenty of turtles on the beaches and in the water too, simply magnificent to watch Didn't dive for any crays for fear of being eaten lol however we did get some magnificent mud crabs and black lipped oysters. Damm you!! You've gone and spoilt my day 😂😂🥂 now all I can think of is all those delicious muddies👍 I love my blue swimmers, but muddies are har
  13. Great footage bringing back fond memories. I lived up in the Pilbara during the 80's and fished from Coral Bay to Broome, and as you say, awesome country and fishing. Highlight for me was spending 8 days starting on Boxing Day 1985 on 2 Marlin Broadbills camped out on the Monte Bello islands about 80km off the Dampier Archipelago. Fishing and diving there was the best in my 58 years of fishing. Where we camped we had large turtles coming up the beach to lay their eggs whilst other eggs were hatching and thousands of little turtles scurrying to the water to avoid the gulls. During one hoo
  14. Thanks BB, for the life of I don't know why I didn't look there first, looked everywhere else except there (Couldn't see the forest for the trees ) By the looks of it no licence required 4 per person max 8 per boat. Hopefully when boat up and running a trip or two down to Corny Point with a Hookah to grab a feed and avoid "Bruce"
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