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  1. Dirty mind Alan. Threesome crabbing or catching freshwater crays
  2. Lets make it a threesome As we all know each other and I can give you both CRABS Got 19 today in 1/2 hour. Boy why am I itchy
  3. Panga

    OnkaStomper 12

    All was good until We went out for Japanese at Sushi Q on Goody Rd last night and so not enough time, energy to do the prep work for our guests = Panic this morning. Joy and her sister were planning a Lebanese banquet for 13 people but timing went to poo.
  4. Panga

    OnkaStomper 12

    I will show up but because it is Joy's (the boss) birthday it will be a great and meet for me. But I might be able to buy some stuff and make a donation anyway.
  5. All good points of view in a proactive opinion. I myself normally do not bag out as why. Fish do not taste the same when frozen for 2 months or so. and crabs are good for 3 days (got 14 today raking) Snapper I like the 60cm size and only 2, once I have 2 I come in as I have ticked the box. I feel go catch what you need and enjoy the journey so you forward for the next time. I am fortunate that the wet stuff is right there. Changing the subject.....HUGE schools of SALMON are close to shore atm here, magic site as I saw them from the balcony and while raking. Spun me out.
  6. So true Rybak, as most of our produce ends up on the Vic and Sydney fish markets as we know, sad but true as they get paid x $'s more especially for our kg's, but I here what you are saying.
  7. Correct, but we do need to weed out the bad apples and follow the law and prosecute them and it appears to be one family over here on Yorks sad to say. They got driven out of the other gulf 6 months ago. So lets move on and see where this journey takes us and work together.
  8. We are getting off the topic imo but here is my say. We do need change, yes but in SA that is a slow process and not at all realistic let alone guaranteed. IMO We all need to discussed opions here but we need to do it with respect to others as we are all amateur fisho's with a common interest. Sure we have different views but no need the attack fellow members. Not a good look IMO. In Vic they have a fishing show on tv that I have seen from time to time, in SA not so and the reason is we do not have population to warrant it, nor the backing from the government (they are closing ch 44) I feel more polies should get out fishing and realize that they can, relax, clear their heads and see what life has to offer on the wet H20. Licence ? Yes and No ? Yes if it helps us, the regular rec fisherperson and makes us heard but we see where our money is spent. Also have a body in the govt that is pro-active for us all and is accountable to all question to stakeholders (us) be that where monies are spent and visions moving on. No because I (imo) do not trust this govt as they could see the money spent elsewhere. Also what about the mums and dads that go away with the grand parents, children, cousin's and so on for a seaside holiday ? They need a licence or face a fine, remember this is a once in a year trip. That makes it great for the government but what about the family and if they get caught without a licence ? Holiday over and sowed but something they were not aware they need. Cheers PS KS and Doobie you can come over for a fish on my boat, it is big enough.
  9. I agree to an extent because I see them regularly working in 2's and twice in 3's with the netter that joined ranks from Pt Wakefield. There is not that goes on around this town that gets missed. People know if I am wearing jock's or not and the colour
  10. Don't know if you all know there is a family of them and I will get more concrete info in the next 2 days. 1 pro's father told me many excuses that were expressed. EG shark attacked net and too heavy and when released they were too stressed out and died, another was caught on the jetty (well as the pro said you are NOT allowed to need near the jetty (commercial, not GP jetty) But one thing is known he had a huge haul and got greedy thus dumping what could not be carted away. BB send me an interesting email of old man Bart Pa.... Made me add 1 & 1 together and still came to the same answer. My opinion is # 2 son took the blame and cleaned up "some of the mess" to avoid # 2 son loosing his licence. IMO More to come.
  11. Great to up close to the real, old way of the way it was and experience these wonders. I did at the Dampier Archipelago10 years ago Thanks for sharing Knackers
  12. Adrian you need a photographer to take the photos or me Great post and as the norm average pics. Thanks for sharing matey.
  13. Just wait going to get razor fish 4 bait burley and eating next week, I hope.
  14. I used to pickle scallops and for the life of me I can not remember (getting old) Have googled but I thought I would run it by you people for help as I just bought 1/2 kg of fresh ones.