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  1. My old man is a head torch aficionado, problem is his hearing isn't what it used to be, fishing at night you try and talk to him and next second he shines the bloody torch in your face, drives me insane.
  2. Fish with a head torch near me, trust me i want to kill you.
  3. Strange location indeed, I think all members live metro Adelaide or close to it. Minister trying to make it difficult? Maybe he just wanted to get some Happy Birds chips...
  4. Ocean mullet are nice but mullet from muddy creeks such as Price, Port Wakefield etc are pretty average. Must be fresh or they are bait
  5. Happy birthday Micky , I enjoy your posts
  6. Pan too hot? I always thought that what caused it, happens to me sometimes too.
  7. Scissors

    P.b Trout

    Very nice fish, please show us the fly
  8. If you don't mind going for a dip then you will find a few crab nets for free. Most tackle shops usually have a 3 for $20 sales during the crab season, well worth the investment as they will last ages if you get the ones with the wire base.
  9. https://fishingwholesalers.com.au/products/strike-pro-smelta-lure site sponsor has 1 available
  10. Not fished this beach nor that gulf very much but up here in upper spencer gulf, if you fish creek mouths on the outgoing tide it is almost unfair using poppers, only fishing in about 40cm of water, anything higher than half a metre is no good. Haven't had much success on sand flats, I have found you need some kind of structure to find they hungry fish. Walk-the-dog lures when its calm and poppers when there is some blow.
  11. Cant' edit posts, but also make sure they have good quality tackle trays.
  12. I can only recommend get one where the trays sit horizontally, that way they don't become a complete tangled mess, unless you use inserts to hold the lures in position. Should get change from a $100 if you want to buy a branded one.
  13. nothing wrong with the bogan way lol
  14. Yes do not store z-man with other plastics or you will have a melded mess of sticky goo. Don't store gulp out of the juice so in the packets or in a specially designed tub..can't think of the name at the moment. SqudgIes don't bleed but be careful mixing in other plastics. A lot of the cheaper lures colour bleeds which can actually create from unique plastic colours.