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  1. In theory, you're unlikely to catch a snapper given they're supposedly few left swimming in the ocean. But that aside.... Logically it will be a very hard rule to enforce. You can catch snapper using various techniques, rigs and equipment.... which is the same for various other species . On this basis I would suspect unless you specifically say or suggest you're targeting snapper if asked by a fisheries officer, then there would be very little evidence to suggest you were. No different to the rule that once you've caught your boat limit of fish, you're no longer allowed to target that species, even if practicing catch and release. Ask anyone that has been on a hot bite when tuna fishing, how often that happens....
  2. I stayed at Denarau Island at one of the resorts 3 or 4 years ago. We stuck to swimming in the pool as the water at the beach, which was only 20m or so from the resort itself, was always really dirty. We'd taken our own snorkelling gear and were hoping to do some snorkelling within walking distance somewhere on the Island, but were advised not to waste our time due to the water clarity and the lack of fish anyways. We ended having to pay for a day charter on a boat to go snorkelling and was taken 25-30km offshore to another smaller island where the water was clear and there was fish to see. Not sure if it was the time of year when we went that explained the water being so dirty, but I had the impression the inshore waters around the popular resort areas of Fiji are reasonably polluted. First thing in the morning every day there was an army of resort staff raking the beaches and cleaning up all the crap that would wash in during the night. Illegal netting seemed a big problem as well, although it's undertaken by many in broad daylight, so can only assume the inshore waters get constantly hammered by the local Indo-Fijians. Not the picture postcard description of Fiji you were probably expecting, but then again it is a 3rd world country.
  3. Not surprising. Get on a hot snapper bite and they'll eat anything. We've found all manner of things in the stomachs of snapper when filleting them - leather jackets, mussel shells, sea horses, stones and gravel..... so they probably aren't as fussy as some people might think if they're hungry.
  4. Dave, I reckon most rec fisherman would welcome a better level of representation. However what I reckon has been a turn off by many is the behaviour by some of the representative groups. Tit for tat shit slinging online, the lack of open conversation of different views and opinions, hard line views, then the total alienation with the commercial sector. Perhaps this is what some people think is needed? Personally I feel that a much more collaborate and pragmatic approach is required, which isn't where we are headed IMHO. I'd like to also respond to some of your points in your previous posts: I would, and do. I have the 20ft boat and the 4X4. The effort to drive down to Cape Jervis and chase tuna, is not much more than launching the same boat and fishing the passage for snapper. Most people who make the effort to chase tuna, don't just chase tuna. Throughout the day they'll come across nice bits of bottom structure whilst trolling and stop and have a fish. More often than not a tuna trip will see you come home with your esky not only filled with tuna, but nannies, snapper and trevally. Then there's the by catch that you get whilst trolling, including big arse salmon, snook and the occasional kingfish. If people are travelling that far, chasing tuna only, then they're doing it all wrong.... See, your response here is typical and is exactly the point I was making at the start. It's the condescending tone and your point that Jay R must have some hidden agenda. He stated his position, yet why the need to question it? Perhaps it's because he has a different take on things than you? And again. I'm guessing you must know Jay R well to know how often he's fishing? Or are you just speculating as it supports your argument? If your justification for going fishing is based purely on kilo's of fish you can catch..... you're fishing for the wrong reasons. If you're worried about the cost per kg of fish you catch, just buy it from the market as I can guarantee it's more cost effective and much less effort than catching it yourself.... Once again you're implying that Jay R has some hidden agenda because his experience is different yours. Why don't you just say you think he's lying and he's likely a commercial fisherman? If you're talking about acting like the unions have in Australia, all the best with that approach as history shows how well that worked for most longer term. Anyways, I'm not trying to be argumentative. Just pointing out that there's some interesting behaviours and common tactics often played out in these discussions and hence why many people are simply turned off from positively contributing. Cheers.
  5. We caught some out in the boat last week towards Victor way. Most were probably around the 40cm mark, with the biggest going around 50cm.
  6. I reckon that sounds like a pretty good plan. There's a decent sized tackle store 5 minutes from Palm Cove, heading back towards Cairns on the main road. Well sign posted and you won't miss it. Be a good idea to drop in and have a chat with them and get some local intel too.
  7. I stayed up at Palm Cove not that very long ago for a week. Didn't fish myself, but daily walked along the jetty for a bit of a look at what the locals were catching. From what I saw, there didn't seem to be much consistency with regards to the type of tackle being used, from handlines, light spin outfits to big overheads and heavy lines. Some were using dead baits, other live baits then the rest were trying their luck using all types of lures from plastics, metal slugs to hard bodies. I'd say if you're planning on flicking lures about, just take a spin rod that's good for casting along with a rod and reel combo that could be used to chuck out a bait to the bottom. I'd say kits between 5-8kg range would be fine for the size of fish that were being caught.
  8. My preference would be more natural colours based on the type of bait fish the fish are feeding on. Same deal with the size of the lure - the smaller the better. Having said this, the tuna we caught the other day were full to the brim of tiny 20mm long leather jackets, yet they scoffed down pilchard sized lures of all different colours! Much like my opinion on squid jags, colour of the lure probably plays less of an importance than the action of the lure.
  9. An ugly fish? Unusual, but looks like a cousin to a stone fish. Bet it tasted great after being crumbed and shallow fried?
  10. I like your thinking, but I'm curious to understand whether rec fisherman think they are part of the problem too? I mean, if rec fisherman are really really concerned about fish stocks and them being depleted, why dont they stop trying to catch fish too? I just take the simplistic view, that no matter whose taking the fish, and no matter how many you're taking, so long as you're taking them your not helping fish stocks either. Perhaps people see it differently than I do? I guess my point is that there's good merit in your suggestion, but if we really want fish stocks to recover and recover quickly then perhaps recs and the commercial guys should leave them alone?
  11. In theory the blanket banning of nets and any other types of commercial fishing sounds really good..... for rec fisherman. Hell, I'm sure the fishing would even be better for me at my favourite spots if other recs were banned from them too....except for me of course! But without commercial fisherman I'm not sure how anyone who isn't a rec fisher will get to eat fresh, local fish? Perhaps everyone else, but us, will be happy to eat the imported stuff....? In all seriousness what is needed is a pragmatic approach to share the resource between the commercial sector, and recreational fishers. As alluded by RJ, infighting, emotive shit slinging and finger pointing between recs and pro's isn't working and won't improve the situation long term for either group in my humble opinion.
  12. Great video. Union officials and OHS reps would have a fit now watching what went on at constructions sites in those days. Love the flares and shirts too. Funny how rolled curbs were such an innovation back in those days....
  13. What's the fuss? Don't you guys catch them that size too???
  14. Good advice but don't forget Raff is probably only 14 or 15 years old, so some of those links may be information overload!