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  1. I am almost totally certain I actually got 6 with my last guess and that 6 is Bread Crumbs Bran Curry Powder Mustard Powder Garlic Powder Tuna Oil These 6 were part of the first guess by lofty64, which was the 4th guess of the competition. The other option I found for the 6th ingredient in a 6 correct guess that doobie mentioned was parmesan, but he gave a hint about the wink he gave my post with the 6 above so I think mustard is correct. So what is the last one. I am sure someone will work it out but I cannot win this prize
  2. So it most definitely is Breadcrumbs, Curry Powder, Garlic Powder and Bran Definitely no pellets, aniseed, paprika, corn, semolina, fish sauce or potato chips. So if somebody wants to go through all the guesses from before Doobie said there was a guess with 6 right and find all of the guesses with the first 4 ingredients and no more than one of the second group then it might be very beneficial to their chances. I might do it in a bit.
  3. I am thinking these five are in there Breadcrumbs Curry Powder Garlic Powder Bran Tuna Oil But after that it is just too hard Semolina Mustard Powder Chances of success, 0
  4. There must be something fishy about this berley but I do not know what.
  5. I might if after carp, but not normally. However there is what certainly looks like corn in the berley. The curry must have dyed something else yellow.
  6. I have no idea what else to guess now, perhaps inspiration will come to me later, but at the moment I am done.
  7. Breadcrumbs and Curry are a given No pollard but not no bran, so Bran seems quite reasonable. Garlic keeps the vampires away, I guess in powder form. I am sure I can see corn but it must not be canned corn. There are other options for getting corn but maybe he was trying rule out corn as well. Looking at the video for the 10th or 20th time I noticed the berley sticking to doobies palm so I was wrong about it being a dry mix so perhaps it does have tuna oil As for the last ingredient, I have no idea So i guess Breadcrumbs, curry powder, bran, garlic powder, co
  8. https://fishingterritory.com/ might give you some ideas.
  9. Homemade Breadcrumbs, Crushed Corn Curry Powder Bran (and Pollard) Crushed Cockle shells Chinese five spice (star anise, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, Szechwan pepper) Crushed Prawn shells
  10. I think it is a completely dry mix to which tuna oil can be added at the time of use.
  11. My last guess was not to try and win but to put some new things up to get a reaction with more information. I thought the two things were curry and corn, but obviously I was wrong. Seems it was breadcrumbs and perhaps curry.
  12. bought fine berley mix Rolled oats corn salt fish sauce curry pellets
  13. So we need some new things not already mentioned. If only I could think of something new. Well I am going to try something new in my next berley but it is not in this mix.
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