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  1. Had a quick google/news search and found this. The article is a year old and newest I found so hopefully it hasn't been more of an issue. Only 5 crabs found from 2010 to 2018. Cheers Rod https://www.busseltonmail.com.au/story/5795813/fisheries-urge-crabbers-to-look-out-for-non-native-pest-species/
  2. That's about as bad as it gets. Were you going to compete Adrian? Looks different scenario to your MO Cheers Rod
  3. G'day I've glued acoustic foam to concrete with liquid nails which lasted 20 years until the foam broke down. The plastic straws on the other hand, hmmm, nothin much sticks to shiny smooth plastic. Liquid nails might be worth a go. I have made a few floats using polystyrene foam and wall plug spaghetti, glued with hot melt. That worked ok Cheers Rod
  4. Tricky with the timing for me, but would like to go fishing after a long winter and zip fishing. Not a huge footy fan but watch most of the crows games and usually the grand final. Those who are keen could follow Lofty's advice or a laptop with one of those tv antenna software things or streaming on your phone like david, or stream it through phone on to laptop. Some may even have the big marina boats and enjoy the best of both worlds, big screen and a line over the side, perhaps a shardy and crayfish sandwiches lol I wish Cheers Rod
  5. You should let your neighbours know you are going to fix the big problem, lack of flies I used to breed my own once a year, back when interest rates were in the high teens and we did one ljetty based expedition to take the kids fishing in the christmas holidays. I used whiting frames and a efficient setup and it produced big fat tasty gents that far outperform shop bought relatives. Neighbours not too close and did it in a garden shed. But definitely smelly and not highly recommended Cheers Rod
  6. I used to tension like you but have done a reel or 2 with the spooler tension thingy and it worked well Cheers Rod
  7. My counter appears to be the same. Cheap but adequate for my use Your spooling device looks functional and durable This is the one I bought, the wing bolts had crap metal and stripped, the female thread good though so replaced bolts and clamp it in a vice rather than using the suction cup. Great tension control with the springs each side Cheers Rod
  8. G'day Yeah use one of the cheapy version line counter, works well. Also bought holder for the spools, had issues with that but fixable Cheers Rod
  9. Entertaining video. I also like that you are a right hander and know how to use your rod and reel Justin Johnson on the shovel guitar is a nice choice of sound track That guy can play anything with strings Cheers Rod
  10. Once you get over the current disappointment, re phrase the question from a negative to a positive. ie what do I need to do to catch fish? Any endeavour that requires some skill, research, practice, dedication and a heap of failures will, in the end be more rewarding and character building once the success comes. Cheers Rod
  11. The ultimate under 3.5t trailerable offshore boat (IMO)
  12. G'day Yeah over width and over 3.5t would be a pain, great buys in that sector for those that can make it work. Interstate buying can be good, done that twice and worked out well. Extra costs but more selection and usually better prices. Just a thought. All good fun though, research research, looking looking Cheers Rod
  13. Oh well, onward and upward I like to keep an eye out on whats for sale, just an interest no plans to change myself. Yeah 3.8 tonne is pushing it with a regular 4wd, the big landcruisers would be ok if you have one, they can be upgrade around 4 and with a tare weight around 2.7t would be good. A 4wd truck I've heard is another option. 2000 hours I don't think is much for a diesel, but may trigger some major service I guess. Pretty easy to clock up the hours when you have a truly offshore capable boat. Marco builds a very good boat I believe (and found out where their limit is ) Guessing but I reckon that boat would have been pushing $250K new. Limited market in that size, but as you say though, great for the cape. The hunt continues, good luck Cheers Rod