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  1. A lot of fog around the state this morning, it looked pretty speccy in Myponga reservoir, so had to stop for a pic. So many great views but only had time for a quick stop Cheers Rod
  2. Sea Fog in the Passage

    I took this pic in feb this year. The Backstairs Passage showing one of her moods, some pretty thick sea fog can roll in quite fast, we are just skirting this lot. Cheers Rod
  3. I think it's Jackie Lambie's career flight?
  4. From a poor photo to a quality photo...

    Adrian, if needed I have the installation file, it's only 1.2 mb Cheers Rod
  5. From a poor photo to a quality photo...

    Yeah it was a bit like that. LOL
  6. From a poor photo to a quality photo...

    G'day Adrian I enjoy your pics and like taking some myself. It's a pity photo gallery has been discontinued, such a great program for sorting and basic editing. A few months ago I did a clean install and with photo gallery not available I looked around at other options but they all seemed to lack the simplicity of sorting, tagging, rating, face recognition and basic editing. I ended up finding a non microsoft source for the program and continue on with it for now. So easy to find pics. Isn't digital photography amazing, I remember the dark ages when I was paying 18% mortgage interest and taking pictures was a rare extravagance. Now I click away willy nilly and the only concern is deleting as many as possible so I don't end up with too many Went to a sony camera training night the other night and the main thing I learned was that now I 'need' a lens that costs more than the camera Cheers Rod
  7. Photos of my photo book No.10..

    Reelfun. Your one of those that said they read Playboy for the articles aren't you LOL
  8. Photos of my photo book No.10..

    Nice work Adrian, but I hope it's not the end of the road for you yet
  9. Just re read the OP. The 8-10 kg version would be fine for most of your target fish but you never know your luck and you will have some extra fun with a tuna over 20kg. My wife caught a 26kg on an 8-10 Cheers Rod
  10. G"day I like shimano but in recent years have bought a number of these for snapper and tuna. 8-10 kg are good for snapper and 10 - 15kg for tuna. I fish deep with 8 - 16oz sinkers so go the 850 or 950 reel. You can select which combo you want and don't be fooled in to thinking they are not good quality because of the price. Mind you can pay more than that just for the reel elsewhere. Cheers Rod http://www.rayannes.com.au/online-store/rod-and-reel-combos/boat-and-jigging-combos-spin-and-overhead/penn-spinfisher-combos-rod-reel-only-129/
  11. Collapsible/Travel landing net

    I've got a big version of these. Not sure if would suit your situation? Cheers Rod
  12. New fishing camera test..

    G'day I guess you've probably looked in to it, but the action camera style might suit yak fishing best, with everything close and you get attachments to hold on a stick under water etc. I've bought a couple of the cheaper ones, an SJ4000 and a kings one, pretty cheap and work pretty good. Maybe a starting point Cheers Rod
  13. New fishing camera test..

    I've had the panasonic 'tough' camera for about 9 years, it's been in pools, snorkelling on the GBR, bouncing around in the boat (at least when I had a mono LOL), pics taken with fishy hands etc, just wash under a tap and wipe off the lens and good as new. It's the orange one they used to advertise with a guy skimming it across a raging river. Pics are pretty good, video also. But must be lots of options/brands now, be good for a yak I reckon, no fisheye effect like the action cameras, but they have their uses also. I keep a fopro in the boat to, but must admit most pics get taken on our S5's which are water resistant also Cheers Rod
  14. New fishing camera test..

    Gee that's a small camera Adrian. I thought you might have bought a rugged style camera given the hiking and wading you do. What swung you this way. I keep a panasonic TS1 on the boat that I've had for years, that does a pretty good job but getting a little old now, but it can be washed which is good. I recently went the other way and bought a mirror-less camera (A6000) after I wanted to get a large print but the definition good enough. Now I have to get those great pics again that took me years to get, sighhhh. I will still use my sony HX30V which is a great point and shoot and fits in a pocket, just. Here's a pic for others to see how small Adrian's new camera is Cheers Rod
  15. Photo Theft

    Probably not even a 'she'. There's plenty of opportunity to create a life for yourself in this world, but this sort of stuff and the people who keep ringing about the accident I wasn't in or sending me spam emails. I pity their poor pathetic souls LOL Cheers Rod