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  1. Rod

    Northbank 750HT Info

    Oh well, onward and upward I like to keep an eye out on whats for sale, just an interest no plans to change myself. Yeah 3.8 tonne is pushing it with a regular 4wd, the big landcruisers would be ok if you have one, they can be upgrade around 4 and with a tare weight around 2.7t would be good. A 4wd truck I've heard is another option. 2000 hours I don't think is much for a diesel, but may trigger some major service I guess. Pretty easy to clock up the hours when you have a truly offshore capable boat. Marco builds a very good boat I believe (and found out where their limit is ) Guessing but I reckon that boat would have been pushing $250K new. Limited market in that size, but as you say though, great for the cape. The hunt continues, good luck Cheers Rod
  2. Rod

    Northbank 750HT Info

    Wow this is a great buy if you can stand the noise of ali boats and have a tow vehicle suitable. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/andrews-farm/motorboats-powerboats/7-7m-nautic-star-aluminium-custom-boat/1175719868 Cheers Rod
  3. Rod

    Northbank 750HT Info

    Wow, how annoying. Have been in a similar situation and things panned out favourably for us, hopefully for you to Cheers Rod
  4. Rod

    Northbank 750HT Info

    Another option I guess if your still looking is a Carribean 2300, classic performer that comes in at a reasonable price. Cheers Rod https://www.boatsonline.com.au/boats-for-sale/new/power-boats/caribbean-2300-base-boat-and-trailer-with-250hp-suzuki-4-stroke/190041
  5. Rod

    Northbank 750HT Info

    G'day Christien Just had a look at the witch craft, I've seen one of those recently and thought it was a gallant but different hard top layout to those I've seen. Now I know better. The Northbank seems a better buy and appropriately priced imo. I understand why your dad fell in love with the 600c, nice chunky boat with low centre of gravity, not like the 80's boats with the low transom etc. As advertised they are hard turning, you can pretty much go full throttle and full lock, first time I went in one the owner did this, I actually felt the g forces, much harder than I would ever turn but impressive. We were doing some filming. Not possible in our cat though, but we can go a lot faster and much more comfortable in a straight line Good luck Cheers Rod
  6. Rod

    Northbank 750HT Info

    G'day Christien We had a Northbank 600C for a couple of years. My impressions were good, well built, good layout, the finish perhaps not as schmick as some but good. Like other BMT packages the trailer capacity is pushing reality, though ours had a 3 tonne trailer rather than the usual 2t. I think the 600C is similar to other popular boats in the 6m range like the seafarer victory, very similar specs including weight. You'll notice some of the cheaper glass boats get the price down with less weight, but the Northbanks seem to be in a good slot in that regard. I liked the high sides, the 750 has very high sides at over a metre from memory. Some stand up game fishers don't like that much. One 750ht that sold went interstate and a couple of years later came back on the market and they had put a raised floor in the back, horrible, but demonstrates the point. A self draining deck would be a great standard for the 750. The only thing I didn't like was the floor, fixed carpet in the middle and slippery gelcoat either side, arggghh. Particularly tuna fishing, a nightmare. I fixed the slip hazard with heronaire tube matting, but that wasn't great either. when I cleaned the boat with a pressure washer the matting would re direct the blood and guts sideways in to the side pockets. Other manufacturers can make a non slip long lasting fibreglass finish (at least one anyway) that is easy to clean so I don't understand why Northbank continue down the same old path. If I had my time again I would rip out the carpet and get the whole floor refinished with a non slip additive (microbeads or something) or maybe seadeck or similar. I hate carpet in boats, though I understand why ali boat owners go that way to reduce heat and glare, but when I've had it in previous boats at least it was removable. I've never been in a 750ht except while its still on a trailer, but did consider buying one, in the end there wasn't a secondhand one available. The 750 came out after Clayton Marine closed down and I figured they saw a gap in the market where the Gallant 7.4 had been. The huge unclutered fishing area is enough to give any fisherman's or fisherwomens heart a flutter With a stern drive diesel economy would be great, but servicing can be tedious so they tell me. Overall, great local brand with the 750HT a worthy flagship. All in my opinion Cheers Rod
  7. Rod

    which Sunglasses to buy?

    A pity about the tonic's reeftrip, but I'd say you would have buckley's chance of a successful warranty claim under those circumstances from any manufacturer. I still have my maui jims and had new lenses fitted after I put them up on my head when I went in the shed and had a drink of water, hmmm, concrete and glass not good friends. I recently went to national pharmacies and got a couple of pairs of the cancer council polarised sunnies, with 20% member discount $24. They are plastic so good for those cold mornings and knock about type thing. Actually not too bad either. A spare pair in the boat and the car Cheers Rod
  8. Rod

    How do I smoke Tommy's?

    G'day I do all my smoking in a larger hark smoker but do have one of those small 3 burner ones. I've only used it once and I can tell you that using all 3 burners is much too hot I devised my own simple method that gets all thumbs up from those that try it. Take some soy sauce, sweet chilli and some brown sugar, mix it together in kind of even amounts, brush it on the fish, for tuna I leave it overnight but tommies an hour would be enough but longer won't hurt (I'm thinking you'll have fillets?). Get the smoke going, you would need the vent open to keep the heat generation. I would think 20 mins would be enough, but make sure it is cooked (hot). This is hot smoking, basically cooking the fish with some smoke flavour and you want to make sure it's cooked. Cold smoking is a completely different preservation process. I used to use brine like everyone says and it completely spoils it in my opinion and just adds more work. Saw dust is what they generally recommend for those little smokers. Experiment with the burners, I think getting that even and a nice temperature will be the toughest part. Cheers Rod
  9. Rod

    Bandsaw - Snapper Cutlets

    G'day Fair enough. My wife has mastered snapper fillet cooking, olive oil and butter (real 100% butter) fried very gently until just cooked. Sensational. Ike Jime and bleeding the snapper improve the flesh markedly. Very nice cold as well. Cheers Rod
  10. Rod

    Bandsaw - Snapper Cutlets

    I've never done cutlets or eaten them, but personally like my fish to only have flesh, no bones or remnants of bones (apart from snapper wings). It takes about the same time fillet a snapper and skin it as a whiting and you end up with nice clean bone free fillet. Just curious as to what is the attraction to cutlets when my imagination points to bones and bone bits in the flesh? Cheers Rod
  11. Rod

    Carpet cleaning

    I will never have carpet in a boat, EVER again. I did think it would be good in the saloon of my new 60 footer, but someone else won the $100 million If the carpet is removable it's not so bad you can hang it over something a squirt from both sides, but fixed is a real pain. Lofty's idea of napisan is worth a try I would think. It works well on hard floors and most other things. Try a little mixed first, not sure about residue Cheers Rod
  12. Rod

    Protecting Boat lisence

    G'day I bought an el cheapo laminator about 12 years ago from dick smiths. Still works like a treat and has done many laminated sheet including a4 marine charts, engine fault codes, safety gear, bag limits, etc etc etc You can pick them up for around $20, great investment Cheers Rod
  13. G'day Got new laptop this week and tried to install photo gallery with a saved installation file, but got an error message. After spending a couple of hours searching for solutions I finally found it here and downloaded the full setup file. The one I had, relied on downloading more files that are no longer available from microsoft. https://yellowduckguy.wordpress.com/ File is here https://app.box.com/s/jx4k354twd2ccu3kefg00qrl5tvodtvg I'm confident the file is safe and worked fine for me but please take personal responsibility if you do the same. I've tried a few other programs for photo management but non suit my needs like photo gallery, I wish they had kept it going Also comes with movie maker which also like. Cheers Rod
  14. A lot of fog around the state this morning, it looked pretty speccy in Myponga reservoir, so had to stop for a pic. So many great views but only had time for a quick stop Cheers Rod
  15. Rod

    Sea Fog in the Passage

    I took this pic in feb this year. The Backstairs Passage showing one of her moods, some pretty thick sea fog can roll in quite fast, we are just skirting this lot. Cheers Rod