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  1. Rod

    How do I smoke Tommy's?

    G'day I do all my smoking in a larger hark smoker but do have one of those small 3 burner ones. I've only used it once and I can tell you that using all 3 burners is much too hot I devised my own simple method that gets all thumbs up from those that try it. Take some soy sauce, sweet chilli and some brown sugar, mix it together in kind of even amounts, brush it on the fish, for tuna I leave it overnight but tommies an hour would be enough but longer won't hurt (I'm thinking you'll have fillets?). Get the smoke going, you would need the vent open to keep the heat generation. I would think 20 mins would be enough, but make sure it is cooked (hot). This is hot smoking, basically cooking the fish with some smoke flavour and you want to make sure it's cooked. Cold smoking is a completely different preservation process. I used to use brine like everyone says and it completely spoils it in my opinion and just adds more work. Saw dust is what they generally recommend for those little smokers. Experiment with the burners, I think getting that even and a nice temperature will be the toughest part. Cheers Rod
  2. Rod

    Bandsaw - Snapper Cutlets

    G'day Fair enough. My wife has mastered snapper fillet cooking, olive oil and butter (real 100% butter) fried very gently until just cooked. Sensational. Ike Jime and bleeding the snapper improve the flesh markedly. Very nice cold as well. Cheers Rod
  3. Rod

    Bandsaw - Snapper Cutlets

    I've never done cutlets or eaten them, but personally like my fish to only have flesh, no bones or remnants of bones (apart from snapper wings). It takes about the same time fillet a snapper and skin it as a whiting and you end up with nice clean bone free fillet. Just curious as to what is the attraction to cutlets when my imagination points to bones and bone bits in the flesh? Cheers Rod
  4. Rod

    Carpet cleaning

    I will never have carpet in a boat, EVER again. I did think it would be good in the saloon of my new 60 footer, but someone else won the $100 million If the carpet is removable it's not so bad you can hang it over something a squirt from both sides, but fixed is a real pain. Lofty's idea of napisan is worth a try I would think. It works well on hard floors and most other things. Try a little mixed first, not sure about residue Cheers Rod
  5. Rod

    Protecting Boat lisence

    G'day I bought an el cheapo laminator about 12 years ago from dick smiths. Still works like a treat and has done many laminated sheet including a4 marine charts, engine fault codes, safety gear, bag limits, etc etc etc You can pick them up for around $20, great investment Cheers Rod
  6. G'day Got new laptop this week and tried to install photo gallery with a saved installation file, but got an error message. After spending a couple of hours searching for solutions I finally found it here and downloaded the full setup file. The one I had, relied on downloading more files that are no longer available from microsoft. https://yellowduckguy.wordpress.com/ File is here https://app.box.com/s/jx4k354twd2ccu3kefg00qrl5tvodtvg I'm confident the file is safe and worked fine for me but please take personal responsibility if you do the same. I've tried a few other programs for photo management but non suit my needs like photo gallery, I wish they had kept it going Also comes with movie maker which also like. Cheers Rod
  7. A lot of fog around the state this morning, it looked pretty speccy in Myponga reservoir, so had to stop for a pic. So many great views but only had time for a quick stop Cheers Rod
  8. Rod

    Sea Fog in the Passage

    I took this pic in feb this year. The Backstairs Passage showing one of her moods, some pretty thick sea fog can roll in quite fast, we are just skirting this lot. Cheers Rod
  9. I think it's Jackie Lambie's career flight?
  10. Rod

    From a poor photo to a quality photo...

    Adrian, if needed I have the installation file, it's only 1.2 mb Cheers Rod
  11. Rod

    From a poor photo to a quality photo...

    Yeah it was a bit like that. LOL
  12. Rod

    From a poor photo to a quality photo...

    G'day Adrian I enjoy your pics and like taking some myself. It's a pity photo gallery has been discontinued, such a great program for sorting and basic editing. A few months ago I did a clean install and with photo gallery not available I looked around at other options but they all seemed to lack the simplicity of sorting, tagging, rating, face recognition and basic editing. I ended up finding a non microsoft source for the program and continue on with it for now. So easy to find pics. Isn't digital photography amazing, I remember the dark ages when I was paying 18% mortgage interest and taking pictures was a rare extravagance. Now I click away willy nilly and the only concern is deleting as many as possible so I don't end up with too many Went to a sony camera training night the other night and the main thing I learned was that now I 'need' a lens that costs more than the camera Cheers Rod
  13. Rod

    Photos of my photo book No.10..

    Reelfun. Your one of those that said they read Playboy for the articles aren't you LOL
  14. Rod

    Photos of my photo book No.10..

    Nice work Adrian, but I hope it's not the end of the road for you yet
  15. Just re read the OP. The 8-10 kg version would be fine for most of your target fish but you never know your luck and you will have some extra fun with a tuna over 20kg. My wife caught a 26kg on an 8-10 Cheers Rod