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  1. I'm all for safety regulations and enforcement where the data supports it, but it does not in this case. Many more die from hitting their head falling or from head injuries in car accidents, but we don't see them bringing in helmets. The very low numbers of deaths here in SA are generally the result of people putting themselves at heightened risk, this scenario is already covered with the current guidelines and you would think, common sense. Sorry about the guy in the article who lost his mate, but his description of the circumstances, ie pulling craypots, close to rocks, with big swells coming through, (was this the one at Beachport where it was blowing 20+knots onshore pulling a stuck pot side on to big swells and the guy who drowned had a broken collarbone?) Come on, this is the definition of heightened risk and the skippers responsibility to take precautionary action at minimum. By the sounds of it, the precautionary action should have been to stay onshore. But this is typical these days, rational processing and use of data to make rational decisions has been educated out of the system. Saying that, this change won't effect me at all Cheers Rod This data is old, I found a 2016 graph that looked the same but included some race based data so I used this older one. It's just to show my point about falls etc
  2. Landing nets

    G'day I've got a Frabill, I like it as it doesn't take up much room. Rarely use it, just for the odd poorly hooked larger snapper. Cheers Rod
  3. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Bought a new Iki jime tool today, pretty good I think. Cheers Rod
  4. tuna rigging

    Not saying this is related but was talking to an acquaintance who was fishing with a friend at the cape for snapper when they saw tuna busting up. They put out 1 rod each, the friend with a brand new lure. After the friend had hooked 3 tuna and failed to bring any to the boat, the skipper asked to have a look at the lure. It still had the plastic protective case over the trebles, once removed, the fish came in to the boat Cheers Rod
  5. tuna rigging

    My experience is that finding them is the hard part, then drag anything in their vicinity with a hook in it and your on This year, we stopped after one successful trip, but that trip started with a triple hook up and after that we couldn't get a second lure in the water before the first one had hooked up for the next 3 fish. Also we were using lures that are pretty banged up after 3 seasons without changing them. That was the 3rd attempt from memory and many km's covered previously. Never fished for barrels though, which I expect is a whole different kettle of you know what Cheers Rod
  6. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    This arrived today, have to clean up my disc brakes on the boat trailer and make sure I take it around the block in future to dry them out. Had a couple of pads delaminate after getting stuck. The latest one completely vacated the caliper and left the piston to wear down on the disc This was after getting a new actuator. new brake lines. new calipers only last year. Always something to do Cheers Rod
  7. tuna rigging

    Nice work Dutchy, your certainly getting ready in plenty of time Cheers Rod
  8. What's your favourite squid recipe?

    G'day I must try that recipe again, I didn't have all the ingrediants to do it properly but looks good. So far though I can't beat crumbed and deep fried, but usually done in a pan and turn over. We usually soak the squid in milk. Apron and safety glasses advisable. Any tips on minimising that spitting? Cheers Rod
  9. Knots

    That's the one RedReeler Might give on a try Cheers Rod
  10. Knots

    Yeah, understood, I've actually only ever tied them in the shed. Cheers Rod
  11. Knots

    Wow you don't get much more simple than that There's cheaper way of doing it, search for the tool with 'hacked' added I couldn't find this crochet tool on the spotlight website Great looking method though (tool or substitute), no problems for the waders there Cheers Rod
  12. Knots

    G'day Redreeler I first learned the knot from that video but worked out a much easier way same as video above, give it a go, piece of cake in comparison Cheers Rod
  13. Knots

    Here you go
  14. Knots

    G'day Uni knot, loop knot, double figure 8 and FG knot my main knots Those gadgets look like a waste of money to me after tying quite a few FG knots without them, which is easier and quicker Picture the 2 main rollers of that gadget being replaced by the rod tip and a tie off point ie rod in a rod holder and other end at a tie off point I discovered this method for myself but later found others doing the same on the www. Give it a go and buy something useful instead Cheers Rod PS dmck, I tied one on your rod
  15. Nice job Salmon are one of my favourites for smoking, trevally are my pick for best so far. Even snapper come out pretty good. I've read squid are nice smoked also but never tried. I would also like to try some different woods. Fruit wood is supposed be good for fish I've really only dabbled in the world of smoking, some do all sorts of creative stuff Cheers Rod