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  1. GPS babel converts anything to anything gps (nearly) and is free. Mind you I haven't used it for a while so check it out Cheers Rod
  2. wd1 I'm sure your the same, you've gone through process to get it working I also have my wife who helps finding better ways for me to things, even now LOL Cheers Rod
  3. Yeah wd1 Good idea to retie knots, on bottom bashing rigs I would often remove a little line to retie the swivel and where the line sits on the top eye. A case of lesson learned. I agree with the if it works principle but my nature and my career makes me someone always seeking better or easier, preferably better and easier LOL
  4. G'day Don The coffee is ready if you follow through with your threat to drop, appointment required. The Cat still purrs but assistant skipper taken control, I'm admin now, will have to make an assessment at some point where we go from here. That was an epic day when you got your first tuna, a long trip, with some ïnteresting seas. I recall you're disappointent not getting to see antarctica. LOL. Yellow Door 1 We haven't had a single failure issue of knots coming loose, I retie the knots, which look like when I tied them, at the start of the season and that's it.
  5. G'day Thanks Doobie and good luck with knot (with correctly tied half hitches YD1, that's a great idea using just the rod, more options is good for changing circumstances Cheers Rod
  6. I noticed another post using a similar technique with a jig just after I posted this, there is a difference so maybe still usefull for someone Cheers Rod
  7. G'day I haven't been fishing for well over a year with 2020 being the year from hell for me health wise. Looks like my fishing days are over barring a miracle. Anyway, I was recently asked to how to tie and FG knot after they had given on youtube methods. 8 years ago I started on the tuna fishing and wanted to learn the FG knot, I also didn't find any youtube instructional particularly helpful and ended up developing my own method. Pretty easy, just stick the rod in a rod holder or whatever, secure the braid to something a couple of metres away, this provides a nice tight line with t
  8. Had a quick google/news search and found this. The article is a year old and newest I found so hopefully it hasn't been more of an issue. Only 5 crabs found from 2010 to 2018. Cheers Rod https://www.busseltonmail.com.au/story/5795813/fisheries-urge-crabbers-to-look-out-for-non-native-pest-species/
  9. That's about as bad as it gets. Were you going to compete Adrian? Looks different scenario to your MO Cheers Rod
  10. G'day I've glued acoustic foam to concrete with liquid nails which lasted 20 years until the foam broke down. The plastic straws on the other hand, hmmm, nothin much sticks to shiny smooth plastic. Liquid nails might be worth a go. I have made a few floats using polystyrene foam and wall plug spaghetti, glued with hot melt. That worked ok Cheers Rod
  11. Tricky with the timing for me, but would like to go fishing after a long winter and zip fishing. Not a huge footy fan but watch most of the crows games and usually the grand final. Those who are keen could follow Lofty's advice or a laptop with one of those tv antenna software things or streaming on your phone like david, or stream it through phone on to laptop. Some may even have the big marina boats and enjoy the best of both worlds, big screen and a line over the side, perhaps a shardy and crayfish sandwiches lol I wish Cheers Rod
  12. You should let your neighbours know you are going to fix the big problem, lack of flies I used to breed my own once a year, back when interest rates were in the high teens and we did one ljetty based expedition to take the kids fishing in the christmas holidays. I used whiting frames and a efficient setup and it produced big fat tasty gents that far outperform shop bought relatives. Neighbours not too close and did it in a garden shed. But definitely smelly and not highly recommended Cheers Rod
  13. I used to tension like you but have done a reel or 2 with the spooler tension thingy and it worked well Cheers Rod
  14. My counter appears to be the same. Cheap but adequate for my use Your spooling device looks functional and durable This is the one I bought, the wing bolts had crap metal and stripped, the female thread good though so replaced bolts and clamp it in a vice rather than using the suction cup. Great tension control with the springs each side Cheers Rod
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