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  1. what is/was the dia of the wire? Ive just got some SS 'welding filler" to try, approx 1.2mm diam- Its pretty hard/stiff and may be too difficult to shape.. but I'll have a go and report.
  2. How/why? is there some deformity (ridge?) on the wire that makes a pressure point?
  3. Rusting problem with mine was I kept them in an ice-cream tub (no lid) and they got salt water (spray etc) in the tub... and I didnt empty.. Now the "new ones" are in sealed food containers and cant get wet.
  4. I use womens hair clips to push through the hole. Have to trim to length first (cut of knobs from ends) then fit and tap sinker with hammer. Cheap from supermarkets. THey do rust so keep them dry - when not in use.
  5. dmck

    Snelled Ganged Hooks

    post a close up pic of your knots.... I suspect you are tying them incorrectly. Do you use a tool? such as flyfishermen use to tie flies?
  6. I'm RH... but I cast with my LH and wind with my RH. I've noticed some people hold the rod on their RHS and still wind RH. My LH holds the rod on my left hip. I think I'm normal so you must be ....................... ????
  7. ..and Marshal's rhetoric before the last election...? "we have done all our planning and we kbow what needs to be done... we are ready to go...." If he was seeking funding for a private business venture he would be jailed for issuing a false prospectus....... I dont see why PM should get any credibility until he acually delivers... its just another prospectus for us to swallow... I'm a frugal home decorator... I have 1 pot of tar and 1 brush......... and enough to daub every pollie... state and federal.... though theres a couple of independants I sort-of-like...
  8. I hope thats holy viagra water their showering me with....
  9. Father Doobie and Father Softy, please partake of the 'holy water' before administering...
  10. I'm interested in your results..... if fish eat blood worms they should chase this!
  11. I think Wolverine is giving us the 'middle finger'....
  12. be interesting to see the result of playing them through an underwater speaker...
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