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  1. ???? what's fathers day???
  2. Edithburgh is off-line until further notice.
  3. I have 6 of the nail-knot tools, @ 2 for under $10.00 They have completely changed my bottom configurations. No more tangles from too long a hook-trace. I do dropper loops in my 'bottom', cut the loop close to the 'knot' and use the tool to tie the hook direct to the line at about 50mm. THe hook sticks out at 90 degrees and doesnt tangle about the 'bottom'.
  4. Must look like '000,000s of little fairies flying around. You should write a song about it... "Fairies across the Mersey..."
  5. These ones are the best KG bait!!
  6. Fillets, not whole... Dust with Tandaco fish seasoning (or salt n pepper seasoning, lightly spray with canola oil and cook in a sandwich press. I'm drooling just writing it!!
  7. YD... good use for carp. I've never tried it for burley... what do you attract with it? I use saltwater fish scraps in a muncher, but add chook pellets, bread and tuna oil. How would you go filleting the carp.. I guess the heads would still require "cranium surgery" I use a tomahawk to 'downsize' difficult pieces. and.. btw.... european wasps are not confined to Melbum... I live in the Adelaide Hills and will not see a wasp for 12 months or so.... Start making burley and they are out in swarms.... Funny - the mincer doesnt seem to attract them as much ( I have a
  8. Get hold of a PC program called OziExplorer. It cost around $100 but I reckon its worth it. It can download marks from a csv spreadsheet (text file, display them on a chart and convert them to numerous GPS formats, including GPX Or you can email them to me and I'll do it for you. I only fish SYP so you wont see my boat on your spots...... and I wont share (or sell) them either.
  9. Howdy Rod... hows the coffee these days? ... and the BIG-Cat ? I too put a loop in the end and hook it over the reel handle. Can then do the knot anywhere. As for finishing, I do a couple of half-hitches just to keep the knot tight, then do a couple of locked-half hitches. To do a locked-half -hitch, insted of looping over the line once, loop over twice then thread the loose end under both loops. Work the line from the fixed end to tighten it then pull tight. The second loop ends up over a half-hitch, locking it very tight and there is very little chance it will
  10. If I kept it neat and tidy, my financial director would easily see how many fishing assets I actually have.... No... better to keep it messy... "In confusion there is profit" (Tony Curtis--" Don't give up the ship"(I think)) OH.. and dont store it all in the one spot...
  11. In these days of enlightenment I cannot understand why people still use toilet paper.... Technology has advanced far beyond it... get with the modern times...
  12. Nothings worn under my waders, its all in perfect working order....
  13. Yep, my 'tackle' is certainly getting shorter as I get older.......
  14. I have often pondered whether 'skutes' is NZ accent for skirts...
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