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  1. dmck

    What fishing gear do you purchase?

    I'm quite happy to use cheaper reels for smaller fish but I generally use known 'brands'. For larger fish it has be a good quality reel --- usually known. ABU and Penn mostly. I do have a couple of unknowns that perform-- but I only got them coz they were bloody cheap and were worth the risk. I gave up buying home brand combos after a bad experience with 2 x 'snake brand' outfits. Similarly 'snake' hooks and swivels have a short 'in use' life..... but I still have a lot in reserve... I have a lot (yes... a lot!!) of ebay braid..... and have never had it let me down. I'm happy to buy cheaper 'un known' rods as long as I like the feel and they are VERY cheap. So far-- so good... but if a 'name' comes up at a good price I get it. A few years ago I bought a lot of used reels from a Qld deceased estate.... mostly game reels. I'll never use all these... but gee--- they look good when I hang them off the rod racks on the boat!!! THe 'finance officer' is always vigilant about the fishing gear she sees... so I have 3 lots.... 1 at the chalet-- a large collection coz " I have to cater for visitors without their own gear'..... and 2 places at home... " I need that in case I go out locally"... and " dont go in there... its full of rats and spiders ......"
  2. my 4th guess...122...? my PC is running a couple of days slow......
  3. dmck

    Frozen Salted Carp VS DIY Blender

    .... and I have my secret salted carp launcher ready for action...
  4. dmck

    Frozen Salted Carp VS DIY Blender

    I made one years ago out of steel flat bar. It was so out of balance you couldnt hold it steady. I now use an electric mulcher and/or BIG mincer. If these fail my fishing buddy has a commercial plastics granulator modified to do fish..... nothing stops that!
  5. dmck

    Frozen Salted Carp VS DIY Blender

    What is the big disk that you sharpen?
  6. ....... hhmmmmmm... 101 ??
  7. How about a margin for error.... say.......... +/- my age? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
  8. HM... both of these god 'LIkes' by the convenor...... hhhmmmm. 93+115= 208.... divide by 2...... 104!!!!!!!
  9. So.. I guess 181 ( a metric 69) is out too..... OK... 96...
  10. OK.... I'll do it the HARD way..... 1
  11. NNnnnnniiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeetttyyyy fffooouuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  12. So... uhhh.... D-C..... out of interest.... just how much does that box weigh?
  13. Well.. I've had a guess...... Can I provide a scientifically derived estimate now, please??