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  1. I use the older L Sea-Jigger & my favourite metals weigh 28g. Casts em well.
  2. There are new model Sensor Surfs out. I have the older one (the $179) I think the new ones come with the K Guides. I reckon R&A's must still have the old ones, that's where I got my run out Sea-Jigger's. Daiwa make great rods,i have quite a few. I reckon you'd be happy with either Sensor's or the heavy Sea-Jigger. Personally I'd go for the older Sensor for that price. There's also a couple of recent threads on a national bream forum on expensive (proper expensive) salmon lure casting outfits.
  3. I have two of the older model Sea-jiggers the light & the medium , haven't used the heavy.(bought cheap as discontinued stock) Agree with Plankton on Daiwa overating their cast weighs. I generally throw 28gm. with the L (3000 reel) & 40gm. with the M. (4000 Reel) I reckon the Sensor Surf balances the best with the 5000 {60-85gm.). It can also be used for lighter baits & sinkers, bit stiffer than the Sea-jiggers & a fair bit cheaper, But the heavy Sea-jigger would probably suit too, depends how much you want to pay. I use my Sea-jiggers for Metro. & Fleurieu beaches & the Sensor Surf for the bigger West Coast fish. Not much help sorry. Just my experiences.
  4. http://www.rayannes.com.au/daiwa-shimano-reels-australia/rods-reels/daiwa/daiwa-rods/daiwa-sensor-surf-rods-from-only-179/
  5. I rate the 10ft. Sensor Surf. I have mine paired up with the Stradic FJ 5000, balances well. Perfect for those West Coast salmon.
  6. I just bought one of these. Feels great, haven't caught anything on it yet tho. Well priced too.
  7. Benwah


    The gate #'s have changed. So this is probably the info I'm after. Thanks all.
  8. Benwah


    I'll have to keep an eye on that page & see if the gate # changes. Unfortunately it appears SA Water don't give out the information anymore. A shame it was an interesting & useful tool.
  9. Benwah


    Thanks Pants. Do you reckon the # under the gates is how many are open? The old page used to show how many gates were open & what time it was updated, it was quite clear. Am using phone, so excuse me if it's clear as day on the full website.
  10. Benwah


    Could anybody supply me the link for the status of the five barrages down Goolwa way. A while back I found a site that showed how many gates were open, can't seem to find it now. Think it was SA water. Went down the other day & it was full of fresh on top, with the only pure saltwater above Tauwitchere. Didn't get a touch. Thanks in advance.
  11. I've got three. Depends where I'm fishing, generally use the heavier setups on the WC. 10ft. Sensor Surf with a 500FJ & 20lb. Sunline Super PE. 10ft. Sea Jigger with a 4000FJ & 15lb. Super PE & for local beaches a 10ft. 6in. Sea Jigger with a 3000 Ultegra HG running 10lb. Power Pro. Love em all, depends on the conditions & the fish to which I use. All older model rods. Guess I subscribe to the Shimano rods are no good too.
  12. I was having the same problem with the Improved Albright. Switching to the Slim Beauty did the trick for me.
  13. Benwah

    Double Clutch

    Cool. Thanks for that I'll get a few of each.
  14. Looking @ expanding my HB collection, what are everyone's favourite colours for Bream in our local waters ? The 60mm. or the 75mm. ?
  15. You can order parts over the phone to Shimano Australia, just look up the reel schematics & get the part #, delivery I think is only 5 or 10 bucks.