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  1. I do a bit of float fishing with a stick float trotting a single maggot on a size 14 fine wire hook and a English style float rod in the Onka. Longer is better for trotting out in the current, 12ft to 14ft rods are not too long and they only weigh a few ounces. These rods are not easy to find tho' a certain Tackle Dealer down at Victor Harbor was brought up fishing with them in his Homeland. and would be sure to help out? Float rods are very forgiving with their "through actions" and given time, you will be able to land some very heavy fish with a correct drag setting and some patience. A flurocarbon leader as light as one kilo makes this a most enjoyable way to spend time at the water side and look out if a hefty bream or soapy takes a shine to your gent. A handful of shop bought fine breadcrumbs with a trickle of gents as ground bait will have the fish feeding well within minutes of setting up. Mullet, bream, Mullys, Silver whiting, Yellowfin whiting, KG Whiting, flathead, salmon trout, tommies and Gar are all suckers for this outfit and I'll try and find a few piccies to post to back up what I've just written?
  2. Any pics? we LUUURRRRV pics
  3. Nearly there, boat gets its arse wet tomozza up at Tauwitcherie
  4. Tagged SA king recaptured at Coffs 17 Nov 2014 THE recent recapture of a tagged kingfish has amazed members of the fishing club that originally recorded the capture over a year ago. According to a post on the Adelaide Gamefishing Club facebook page, the club received a call from NSW DPI with information about a kingfish tagged at Port Augusta on October 21 last year by club weight recorder Paul Williams. At the time the king was estimated to weight 14kg and measured 114cm in length. Over 370 days later, Gerard Billing recaptured the fish at South Solitary Island, off Coffs Harbour in northern NSW - around 1450 nautical miles from its original catch & release location! It was reported that the fish was feeding in with a school of around seven other kings up to 25kg when it took a liking to Gerard's stick bait. He re-released the fish after a quick photo, estimating its length at around 125cm. Yet another example of the valuable fish migration data that can result from tagging programs.
  5. tonyb


    Hi Des, I'm a bit out of my comfort zone as a dyed in the wool freshie fisho but I was pointed in your direction (the YFW whisperer) by more than one angler as I've taken a fancy to catch YFW along the metro coast this season. I have caught YFW on poppers but only as by catch when bait fishing for other surf fish. I was fascinated to read how you changed your rig to a two hook set-up which is identical to that advocated by Andre Georgescu in his Australian Bream Fishing video series to catch his bream. (the videos' if you haven't come across them are all shot locally in the Pat and the Onka among other places) I have used Andre's rig to catch bream with bait (I use white bait, froggies or blue bait) but the lure of luring has taken me away from bait fishing as much as I used to. Cheers, tonyb
  6. South Road Bridge upstream is "bandit country" after October the first
  7. Wow! technological advances bring some good ideas to improve casting and here's the evidence. My pride and joy was and still is, my good old ABU 9000C with it's lifetime Guarantee still valid 50 years down the track I believe. First thing I did was to remove the levelwind and also all 4 of the centrifugal brake blocks. Regular lubing with the finest machine oil I could find was a given for this classic reel. I remember when they were first introduced to the Brit fishing scene they were installed with a plastic spool. We Geordies soon had them rethinking the design as the big cod we used to haul up which kicked the lower of the two reel ratios in, was enough to snap the spools in two pieces on the spindles!! Aluminium spools are standard now with these reels. It is a great shame that the Swedish craftsmanship of ABU Svangsta is now farmed out to mass producing nations with the advantage of lower costs but not as good build quality? Cheers, tonyb.
  8. Awesome session boys and awesome to see the youngsters out there and doing it instead of vegging out in front of the electronics Got as good as a stick of dynamite with those ZMans fellas Great pics as well and I dare bet there's not too many peeps viewing this that have seen one of those "jumpers" out of the water Let's know what it tasted like mate?
  9. Had a giggle about your mention of practice casting in open paddocks as this was exactly what I was doing one day (while living in the UK) when a couple of cheeky young kids came by and watched me for a while then one of them asked what I was fishing for as the grasshoppers don't grow very big in this particular field? Tis a bugga casting in soft ground as you sometimes found you had to walk near 200 yards each time to dig your 4oz to 6oz aerodyne sinker out of the ground!!
  10. Yes Indeed SB, and the first thing we'd do would be too take off the level winds from our Abu Overheads (we call them "Multipliers" in the UK) and get the "educated thumb" too such refinement that night or day rain or shine it would be second nature and bird's nests became a very rare occurrence. I had a mate who did a bit of tournament work who used to cast out and actually back off the spindle end thumbscrews as the cast was going out and all without thumbing the reel at all. Not for the faint hearted nor the inexperienced! I have my first ABU 9000C reel still and can punch 170 yards out all day long with just a bare bones rig ie no bait. I brought a 14 ft "Leslie Moncrieff" rod over to Aussie which is also around 50 years old now but my son eyeballed it gathering dust in the shed and it's now his pride and joy. Happy days, tho' the need for these fast tapered, aircraft grade aluminium butts and graphite tips are not an option for Aussie fishing, neither is the need to be able to cast a minimum 100 yards with bait which was a norm in the UK. http://lesliemoncrieff.wordpress.com/
  11. Makes me giggle when I think about my mates in the UK who fish 90lb braid off the beaches and if they get any wind knots or tangles they just wrap one end of the line around the boot and the other end around the arm and rip the knots straight out! (better if the line is wet ) We used 4 oz to 6 oz sinkers with 60lb mono shock leaders for "Pendulum" casting, normally with 15 to 20lb main line. Fairly easy to get extreme distances even with large baits with this method PS Pendulum casting was rightly banned on competition days off the beaches for obvious reasons PPS Check out where the cameraman is standing in this video!!!!
  12. Just really sad that this bad behavior can be seen right through this bream closed season with PIRSA not having the resources to police it and people who care about the Fishery not game enough to take on some of these belligerents who think that Fishery rules don't apply to them
  13. http://www.fishesofaustralia.net.au/home/species/2484