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  1. Yorky

    Ok J braid

    If you don't already do this, this might help. After casting, close your bail manually & not click it over by winding the handle as this will sometimes give you a loose loop of line, put a bit of tension on the line when you first start winding until you have taken up the slack line & have the weight of the lure.
  2. @Meppstas Congratulations, that is a great achievement, thanks for sharing your journey, always a pleasure to watch & read Thank You Yorky
  3. Great video, beautiful area as always Thank You Yorky
  4. Great video & pictures, beautiful area Thank you Yorky
  5. Thank You Adrian, that is a beautiful, peaceful looking place Cheers Yorky
  6. @Meppstas Hi Adrian, that was a great relaxing clip to watch with my morning coffee, you definitely are fishing some beautiful country down there. Thank You Yorky
  7. Well done, I don't think Roland could have got a better teacher.
  8. You truly are fishing some beautiful country, Thank you for sharing
  9. They once were a commercial item, don’t know if their still available
  10. Yorky

    Knot help please

    I'm usually using the FG knot, If I need the knot to go through the guides it's always the FG knot if it doesn't need to go through the guides I will sometimes use the double uni. I'm using braid pretty much for all my fishing these days & when I'm fishing from the beach/surf & hefting out lures or big baits I tie a leader long enough to go onto the spool that way it's mono on the finger & not braid when casting, this requires the FG knot as it has to go past the bail roller Yorky
  11. Yorky

    Snelled Ganged Hooks

    @Rybak That is the same way I tie mine, quick, easy & haven't had a failure Cheers Yorky
  12. Yorky

    Wind Knots

    Agree The only time I don't use a swivel is casting light lures i:e; Yellowfin lures, with these I use a small clip without swivel but if I am changing over to bait fishing I have a swivel on my rig that I attach the small clip to, that way I can switch between bait & lures without cutting or re-tying or having to worry about the bait spinning & creating line twist when retrieving. Other than this I will not fish without a swivel somewhere in my line. I use the swivel to prevent line twist as I find it easier to not get the twist than to try & get the twist out. W
  13. @Des That is a great write up. Couldn't agree more, The technical specs/parameters you have stated on what people should be looking at when purchasing gear are spot on and pretty much what I say on a near daily basis over summer, I can talk it all day but I don't think I could have put it in writing as well as you have. Great contribution Cheers Yorky
  14. I use Sunline FC Rock fluorocarbon as a leader from 6lb to 30lb & don't have any problems with knots, one thing with tying knots in fluoro is to make sure that your knots are well lubricated before tightening so that the line slides easily in the knot, any friction in the knot will weaken the line & make an ugly knot. I have a customer that often gets me to tie an FG knot to join his 6lb braid to a 6lb fluoro leader for his YF Whiting lure fishing, I can understand why the fish find it hard to see , I need bloody good light to see it
  15. Yorky

    Reel sizes

    Not sure, possibly TD Black Sugapop 782ULFS 1.5-4kg
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