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  1. @nicksfishin666 Squidgy flick baits are only available in the Bio-tough range unless someone is holding stock of the old model, they have been discontinued in the other ranges so a lot of favourites are now gone Cheers Yorky
  2. These are the fastach clips I use, they are available with or without swivel I use the ones without a swivel to lessen the added weight even when I have removed the split ring. Notice they are rounded where the lure attaches which allows the lure to move freely. They are available in 5 sizes from 15 - 100lb, I use all sizes depending what lure I'm using for what species, I have used the 100lb when trolling for Tuna with no loss of action to the lure
  3. @Territory Lad I haven’t noticed any decline in strikes or hookups for the species I fish for but I don’t fish for Bream so can’t answer regarding them Yorky
  4. I remove the split ring and either tie straight to the lure or more often than not I will use a small Mustad fastach clip that way I can change lures fast without having to re-tie. I've found that removing the split ring & adding a clip hasn't affected lure action even in small light lures i.e. Yellowfin 3-5g lures, I like the Mustad fastach clips because they are rounded & allow the lure to move freely. I mainly use the Mustad fastach clips in 25lb this may seem way overkill but the smaller ones in 15lb are to small for my eyes & fingers so I only use that size when I have to. the 25lb ones are still small and light & I know their strong cause I also use them with my salmon lures Yorky
  5. Fishing , the outcome of the game will be publicised, watching it won't change the outcome. Fishing is like sex, every time you miss out on it you never catch it up Cheers Yorky
  6. I actually upgraded from the "SS" to the "S" last year but this wasn't due to hook failure it was because I was dropping a few fish, I have found the "S" size better Cheers Yorky
  7. @Territory Lad I've been using them for a couple of years now and am pretty happy with them with no failures except having a hook bitten off by a toadie that grabbed my sinking stickbait Cheers Yorky
  8. The last snapper I cut into cutlets I froze the snapper then put it's head in the vice with a tub under it then cut into cutlets using a reciprocating saw. I didn't have a stainless blade but if I was planning to do it often I would purchase one, I just cleaned all the paint off of a new blade & used that. One tip is to cut a section out of an ice cream lid, put a slit in it & put it behind the foot plate then put the blade through it, this saves as much "saw dust/meat" going into the saw. I cleaned the saw off with a paint brush & flour to get any residue "saw dust/meat" off. Yorky
  9. @Territory Lad see attached link Daiwa TD minnow Yorky
  10. @Territory Lad Compleat Angler Moonta still have some in 95mm but 2 colours only. Golden Shiner & Ghost Herring 88253400 Cheers Yorky
  11. @southie THE BANGA Yeah I'm working all weekend, by all accounts there was a steady stream of vehicles headed our way Thursday night. saw heaps in the shop today but figure we will see more tomorrow. there are still a lot of people who can't get their head around that we are open Good Friday. Hopefully you'll get out for a fish after the weekend, I know I'm hoping to Cheers Yorky
  12. I have some gear I can bring with us Cheers Yorky
  13. My fishing plans for Xmas & New Year will be spent in the shop helping everyone else to go fishing and hopefully helping the holiday fishers catch a few fish, always rewarding when they come in the next day to thank you for helping them catch their first fish Cheers Yorky
  14. Yorky

    Tackle Guard

    Inox is what I use to maintain my fishing gear, the spray, the grease & the oil & have done for years & am very happy with the results I have had Inox MX3 spray, I don't spray this directly onto my reels. I spray this on a chux & wipe my reels over (do not like getting anything on my line), I wash my gear after every outing & only re-do it when I notice the water not beading after washing the reels down (aprox 4-5 outings) I find it doesn't dry out or put a sticky film on my gear. Info on the spray Description: Inox mx3 is a multi-purpose anti-moisture and anti-corrosion spray lubricant. It is non-conductive, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-staining and non-static. It doesn’t dry out or wash off with water. Inox contains no acid, silicon, kerosene or dieseline. It is so benign it can be used around food. It is also ideal for siezed nuts or screws, freeing up hinges, door locks, as a cutting or tapping & other machining agent. As the product is non-conductive, it is ideal for removing moisture from car distributor, switches, potentiometers, solenoids, etc. Inox MX6 grease, I use the grease during reel servicing info on the grease Inox Mx6 Food Grade Grease Extreme Pressure, Hi Temp, Food Grade Machinery Grease with PFTE • Food Grade Approved • Smooth light brown grease • Protects against corrosion and oxidation • Does not affect rubber • Temp range -30 to extremely high temps (no melting point) • Extremely pressure tolerance • Suitable for bearings, bushes, chains, hinges, sprockets, slides, splines, conveyor belts and more • Suitable for O rings in potable water applications and O rings & seals on diving gear I use the MX5 oil when I'm servicing my reels or whenever I need to oil any part of them, often I will put a drop on the line roller to keep it free. I find the injector needle great to get oil to hard to get at areas without doing a full reel strip down info on the oil INOX mx5 - 30 ml bottle plus mx 5 injector will keep your Replicas working and looking like new. Use the mx5 injector needle to deliver lubricant to the working parts of your replica. Then rub over the external surface with mx5 using a soft cloth. Inox mx5 contains no carcinogens halogens or allergens. It is non toxic, non static, non conductive, noncorrosive and non staining. Doesn't gum up, become gooey or sticky, dry out or wash off with water. Will not harm metal surfaces, paint or enamel finishes, plastics, fiberglass, formica or neoprene seals. Cheers Yorky I do not work for Inox, but we do sell it in-store
  15. Great Pics (as always) Cheers Yorky