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  1. Very cool, great job mate! You'll have to let us know how they go in one of your sessions.
  2. I'm doing a great job of managing everything You don't see Southie on the bbq because he burnt everything and for that photo KS had to be peeled off of the ice box, his favourite resting place for the day. Doobie, I'm not going there and Softy get's a thumbs up because he liked my home brew It was a bloody crack up of a day, endless laughs all round with a great bunch of fellas. We had way more fun than anyone else there Doobie possibly had too much fun
  3. That is quite an achievement Adrian. Very well done mate, very well done!
  4. Aparently there is vogon. Well done mate! You guessed the right amount of sinkers That was a bloody fantastic comp, a massive thank you to David from Savage Tackle! Everyone get the Savage Tackle name burned in your mind, when you are after sinkers, downrigger bombs and berley pots Savage Tackle is your go to brand. Find them at all of your local tackle stores, if you can't find them ask the owners to get them in Savage Tackle can be found on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Savage-Tackle-1255136391255153/ or yell out for David in the forum as he's around here a fair bit. Again congratulation goes to vogon for guessing the winning amount of sinkers!!!!! @vogon can you please send me a pm with your details so I can post out the $50.00 voucher. Thank you everyone who took part in the comp
  5. @Savage It's valid mate, not a competition rule to like the Savage Tackle Facebook page but when people can we would really appreciate it if people can like the page to support our sponsor. Also what Southie said above.... Oh man!!!
  6. Ok perhaps we narrow it down a little, not too much though... Between 75 and 175. Let's go a third guess!!!
  7. Nice one guys, some of you are close but I'm not saying who haha
  8. Also, those on Facebook, who has liked the Savage Tackle Facebook page? Make sure you do
  9. Let's keep this going until someone gets it. Go for a second guess now guys
  10. Those who haven't had a guess yet, get in there and give it a crack!!!
  11. One guess only at this stage. It can take a few days for everyone to see the posts so we will try to be fair and give as much chance to everyone before people get another guess.
  12. Keep those guesses coming and remember only 1 guess at this stage.
  13. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's competition time!!!!! A big thank you to David from SAVAGE TACKLE for putting up a gift certificate worth $50.00 for the comp. Savage Tackle supplies a large range of professionally made sinkers and weighted burley pots (both PVC and stainless steel) to both recreational sectors and tackle shops. Products are produced at their Gulfview Heights premises and have the ability to custom make products if requested. Savage Tackle is proudly South Australian and family owned. Proud supporters of the Onka Stompa Fishing Comp and Coast to Coast Fishing Comp. First of all, please go to the SAVAGE TACKLE Facebook page and hit the like button https://www.facebook.com/Savage-Tackle-1255136391255153 Also look out for SAVAGE TACKLE products at your local fishing tackle store. It's a very easy competition, just guess how many sinkers are in the box. First one to guess wins! Get in there and have a guess, one guess only at this stage please and let's get this comp cranking with guesses and comments so the thread can be seen by everyone. Good luck everyone and again a big big thank you to David from SAVAGE TACKLE!
  14. Taken from the O'Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp Community Meeting Facebook event... O'Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp Community Meeting Please join myself, OnkaStompa Fishing Comp, Chris Picton MP South Australian Fishing Alliance Australian Volunteer Coast Guard SA Sea Rescue Squadron Christies Sailing Club Sullies Social and the O’Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp Kiosk to discuss the improvements that must be made to ensure that local people and visitors can safely use our boat ramp, and to call on State Government and Council to take action on these improvements. Please come and show your support and make your voice heard! Where O'Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp When Sunday, 23 June 2019 from 3:30pm - 5:00pm Show your interest in the event on the Faceboo event page - https://www.facebook.com/events/872554816435810/
  15. Due to a glitch in the menu system one of the pages wasn't showing up. So the winner is the person who found 9 of the fishing icons first. The 10th you wouldn't have been able to find unfortunately The first person to find 9 fishing icons and the winner of the quick and easy comp is..... Sykes Congratulations mate! Send me a PM with your contact details and I'll get your prize pack sent off to you. Thank you and well done everyone who took part in the comp. A bit of fun looking around the site, perhaps you came across some interesting old threads or areas of the site that you don't normally look at. For those who just need to know where the last icon was, it was the jig head on the "Strike & Hook Videos" page. Damn menu system, my apologies.
  16. A couple of people getting really close now. Another hint