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  1. Fantastic photos mate, a magical backyard you have down there!
  2. Fantastic post mate! This will be great reference and repeat reference for years to come.
  3. That's a nice piece of fishing history there. Very cool
  4. @Kwik-Fix Rod Guide Here is a link to our posting guidelines, take note of the Commercial Posts part
  5. bjorn2fish

    Best 3 Jigs

    Hi guys, great topic this one! I've had some computer issues and been unable to get on the past few days and missed the above post. Someone has moved to the Squid Files for future reference
  6. Just added the new cam to the South Australian Fishing Web Cams page https://www.strikehook.com/index.php?/south-australian-fishing-web-cams/
  7. You're onto it Chuck! The Strike & Hook Footy Tipping Comp is setup and ready to go. You can follow the link below to join in. https://www.footytips.com.au/comps/strikehook?p=tipping Password: tipping Good luck fishos
  8. That's a damn good write up MAH Australian Herring (Tommy Ruff) section setup @Des
  9. It looks legit! - https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-12-17/sa-snapper-fishing-ban-extended/101784940 At a time where there are food shortages around the world with Australia soon to realise we haven't escaped this reality either it really doesn't surprise me that the powers that be stop the citizens from feeding themselves.
  10. Original article source: https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/investigation-into-hundreds-of-dead-fish-found-on-popular-adelaide-beach/news-story/46c094a068eb18e1223db22daf398754 Investigation into hundreds of dead fish found on popular Adelaide beach An investigation is underway after hundreds of dead fish, believed to be anchovies or sardines, washed up on a well-known stretch of sand. An investigation is underway after thousands of dead fish washed up on a popular beach. Beachgoers who travelled to Semaphore Beach in Adelaide over the weekend were me
  11. Sad news reported today of Aussie fishing icon Alvey Reels shutting the doors permanently. Link to original article https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/manufacturing/australian-fishing-reel-brand-forced-to-close-after-102-years-amid-drastic-price-hikes/news-story/63caad4108d0191fc1da4a3269ae64c4 Australian fishing reel brand forced to close after 102 years amid ‘drastic’ price hikes Iconic Australian brand Alvey Reels will shut permanently after 102 years in coming weeks as a result of immense market pressures. After more than a century in business, Australian fish
  12. Hey guys, those who want to get their tips in, now is the time. The season kicks off next Thursday.
  13. Here's a link to an ABC News article about it. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-13/snapper-fingerlings-to-be-released-to-boost-sa-fish-stocks/13054414
  14. Fair enough, gotta get Christmas and the New Years celebrations out of the way
  15. After conflicting directions on the government websites I ended up calling the covid infoline regarding a contact sport I participate in. The person on the phone had no idea if we could go back to training legally or not and cited the sport related example that they had been given earlier that morning. Can you go to basketball training with your team? NO! Can you go to the local court and play basketball with your mates? YES! Fantastic!
  16. There's an Aussie version called a B'Day Mate!
  17. With 4 deaths in South Australia in 11 months, I think you would be very very very unlucky to die from it. The people stockpiling for the apocalypse weren't at the shops today, they were at home having a beer
  18. An incredible gesture @Plectropomus Thanks for your great report and contribution to S&H. S&H Admin did have a very close second that is extremely deserving of a win with exceptional reports posted up all the time. @MIKECATTS is our new winner! Mike, please contact me with your contact details via PM.
  19. We have decided on a winner for the Strike & Hook Fishing Report Comp sponsored by All About Batteries. The winner is @Plectropomus with the fantastic report Panfish Friday. Please send me a PM with your postage details. A big thanks to all that posted up a fishing report during August and September and a massive thank you to All About Batteries for putting up a great prize for us. ALL ABOUT BATTERIES Sell premium quality batteries for cars, 4wds, trucks, boats, camping, Motorbikes, industrial, Forklifts, alarms, solar and a lot more all at wholesa
  20. We are in the process of deciding on a winner of Strike & Hook Fishing Comp. The winner will be announced today so keep your eyes peeled for the winner of the awesome AA Batteries prize pack.
  21. Not fishing related but I noticed this big time with my promotional apparel business, hoodies went AWOL across all of my suppliers. Stock started to come in this month with a few suppliers restocking some styles. There will no doubt be a shortage with other gear coming into the warmer months too. I use all Aussie suppliers but their clothing is all manufactured overseas. If anyone knows of an Aussie manufacturer of apparel please let me know. Most gear although branded Aussie is still manufactured overseas unfortunately.
  22. We would love to see more reports posted up so are extending the Fishing Report Comp for another month. The comp will end on the 30th of September. There have been a couple of good reports but we really want to see more getting posted up. Hopefully the warmer weather will help brush those cobwebs off of those dusty rods and put them to good use. Get out there fishos!
  23. Awesome photos man, I hope you can get out to take more one day soon.
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