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  1. Any one who fishes a decent amount, especially in the saltwater, should know how to maintain their reels. Breaking down a reel to clean and service it is not very difficult, and it's why reels usually come with an exploded diagram. Anything you might need to know about reel maintenance can be found here. https://alantani.com/
  2. There are some campsites you need to book ahead of time and there are others along the back of the beach that are first in. Either way you need to pay online before you go. You should be able to find everything you need here. https://www.parks.sa.gov.au/find-a-park/Browse_by_region/Limestone_Coast/coorong-national-park
  3. I find reports to be pretty useless anyway. They always say the same thing depending on the season. In winter there's salmon at Waitpinga and any Southern Metro beach, in summer there's bream and mulloway at West Lakes and the Onk, etc. Anyone who spends much time fishing knows these things already, and fish tend to move around.
  4. plankton


    Usually the Abu 5500 size doesn't have a ratchet, but all the 6500's will. Although for livebaiting I would also strongly recommend the Penn Squall 12 which is about the same size as the Abu but comes with magnetic braking which can be quite handy when casting lighter livebaits. It also does away with the levelwind which is unnecessary on a bait reel IMO. Both reels are excellent casters and have smooth, reliable drag systems. You can't go wrong either way!
  5. plankton


    I'm unfamiliar with that rod, but if you're looking for a reel of similar size and function to the Calcutta then it's hard to beat an Abu Ambassadeur. Depending on what line capacity you need, either a 5500 or 6500. If you need a reel that is considerably different to the Calcutta then we would need more info about what you want.
  6. Yeah they brought them back after years of complaints from a bunch old guys with the "everything older is better" mindset. They're also still fishing with (heavily modified) Penn Squidders and cried foul when production moved to China. Some people just fear change.
  7. Those Penn Z reels were a poor design externally though. The cup that surround the spool would get all clogged up with sand and salt. The Van Staal style vents are a bit of an improvement by allowing things to drain a bit. There's a reason they were discontinued and replaced by the Slammer reels, which IMO are the best surf spinners ever produced by Penn, all the best features of the earlier reels and none of the drawbacks. I pack mine with boat trailer wheel bearing grease. The Van Staals were definitely a response to people needing a more reliable reel that could be submerged regularly without constant maintenance. If you need that sort of reel and can afford one then there's nothing better out there. But there's still no reason they couldn't come from the factory with greased carbon fiber drag washers.
  8. You'd think for the price they ask for those reels they would have decent drag washers in them already. They were popular with guys in the Northeast of the US where I'm from originally. A lot of times in order to get to where the fish are you need to be in the water a bit. Being waist deep also helps on those rocky shores when trying to land a fish, you don't have to drag it up on the rocks and many practice catch and release anyway. Some guys took this a step further and rather than waders started wearing wetsuits. They will often swim out and stand on rocks further out, so their reels need to be able to survive complete dunkings. The guy who started Van Staal left and now sells reels under the Zeebaas name. Unless you need to submerge your reel regularly, IMO there's better options.
  9. If your reel's gears get damaged winding on line under tension then it's a piece of crap.
  10. When you put mono on a reel you don't want to put any stretch in the line. Just using your fingers is enough to get it on firmly but not overly tight. Braid should be put on the reel with as much tension as possible. It has no stretch and getting it on tightly will eliminate lots of issues. I use the phone book method. Find a phone book (I've got one I kept just for this job). Set the drag on the reel pretty high. Run the line through the middle on the book and put weight on top until the rod bends under the pressure of winding. I use boxes of jigs usually. Obviously the amount of weight needed will vary depending on the outfit and line strength.
  11. I completely agree with this. There's plenty of bream in those places, so not much sense in a stocking program. A mulloway stocking program would get my attention. Better yet, effective management of mulloway in the Coorong, giving them a chance to replenish themselves naturally, would be even more interesting.
  12. They're both good rods, most likely built on the same rod blanks, I think the only difference is in the fittings, the Prevail having better guides (and maybe reel seat?). As far as the 10' vs. 12', that would depend on what you're trying to catch and how.
  13. For baits that size I don't bother with slidebaiting, and instead use a clip down pulley rig. I use slidebaiting for bigger baits that are otherwise impossible to cast any appreciable distance.
  14. For normal bait applications a 6oz grapnel and clip down rigs are perfect, but for slide baiting you often need more weight. Depending a bit on what sort of baits you'll be using using an 8 or even 10oz sinker is more common because of the way you need to work the rod to get the bait to slide all the way out. If you're using a sliding clip for livebait then you might be able to get away with 6oz. The Penn rods mentioned above are good heavier surf rods, but may not handle those bigger sinkers well. What are you chasing and what sort of baits do you plan to use?
  15. Proper technique makes a much bigger difference in casting distance than the brand of reel. If you really want to cast further, use an overhead.