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  1. plankton

    Get your line on tight

    If your reel's gears get damaged winding on line under tension then it's a piece of crap.
  2. plankton

    Get your line on tight

    When you put mono on a reel you don't want to put any stretch in the line. Just using your fingers is enough to get it on firmly but not overly tight. Braid should be put on the reel with as much tension as possible. It has no stretch and getting it on tightly will eliminate lots of issues. I use the phone book method. Find a phone book (I've got one I kept just for this job). Set the drag on the reel pretty high. Run the line through the middle on the book and put weight on top until the rod bends under the pressure of winding. I use boxes of jigs usually. Obviously the amount of weight needed will vary depending on the outfit and line strength.
  3. I completely agree with this. There's plenty of bream in those places, so not much sense in a stocking program. A mulloway stocking program would get my attention. Better yet, effective management of mulloway in the Coorong, giving them a chance to replenish themselves naturally, would be even more interesting.
  4. plankton

    Surf rods

    They're both good rods, most likely built on the same rod blanks, I think the only difference is in the fittings, the Prevail having better guides (and maybe reel seat?). As far as the 10' vs. 12', that would depend on what you're trying to catch and how.
  5. plankton

    Heavy Surf Rod

    For baits that size I don't bother with slidebaiting, and instead use a clip down pulley rig. I use slidebaiting for bigger baits that are otherwise impossible to cast any appreciable distance.
  6. plankton

    Heavy Surf Rod

    For normal bait applications a 6oz grapnel and clip down rigs are perfect, but for slide baiting you often need more weight. Depending a bit on what sort of baits you'll be using using an 8 or even 10oz sinker is more common because of the way you need to work the rod to get the bait to slide all the way out. If you're using a sliding clip for livebait then you might be able to get away with 6oz. The Penn rods mentioned above are good heavier surf rods, but may not handle those bigger sinkers well. What are you chasing and what sort of baits do you plan to use?
  7. plankton

    Rapala R type reel

    Proper technique makes a much bigger difference in casting distance than the brand of reel. If you really want to cast further, use an overhead.
  8. plankton

    Single Hooks

    With salmon lures the direction doesn't matter. I use circle hooks on all my salmon lures, gets 'em right in the corner of the mouth every time, and fewer dropped fish for sure.
  9. plankton

    Rapala R type reel

    I got a BG 5000 to use for mulloway and sharks off the beach. It's a great beach reel for the money.
  10. plankton

    Surf Rod for Calcutta

    Yeah and those Prevails are really stiff, like broomsticks, and the reel seat is in the wrong place.
  11. plankton

    Surf Rod for Calcutta

    Decent overhead surf rods are hard to come by down here. I have a Daiwa Sensor that's from the first series they made, great rod that's rated to throw 2-4 ounces, so a little under powered for what you want, also it's 11'6" so maybe too long. Not sure if they still make that model though. Other than that, Nitro had a rod that might work, called the Messiah maybe. Otherwise you might need to look overseas, plenty of great stuff from the UK and US although shipping can be cost prohibitive. Good luck mate. Let us know what you find.
  12. plankton

    Southport Beach Access

    Thanks Doobie. Did you fish Southport? Any action?
  13. plankton

    Southport Beach Access

    So you can drive down and park in the spots above the toilets?
  14. plankton

    Southport Beach Access

    I know the road going along the Onk is closed for work (Weatherald Terrace), but does anyone know if there is access across the footbridge? I was thinking I might be able to park on one of the streets above and take the footpath down to the bridge and do a bit of salmon fishing. Thanks.
  15. plankton

    Who's fishing over Easter?

    They did not.