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  1. Thanks how deep should it be
  2. I want to start a worm farm i have a old trof in the back yard i was planning on using but not sure on how to go about it does it need drainage and what do i cover it with any advice is much appreciated
  3. I seen one on a fishing show and they called it a knife jour
  4. jiron

    Redfin lure

    Thanks for the advice flicked a few plastics yesterday but no luck thought i found a go back water not to far from my place on Google Earth but when I got there it was full of river weed and couldn't find a clear patch to fish in so thinking of trying some creeks around Adelaide
  5. jiron

    Redfin lure

    What your favorite/go to lure or plastic for redfin im thinking of getting some blades or 3" grubs but not sure what color
  6. Yeah mate have to work something out
  7. Thanks might have to Google map some spots
  8. Hi was waiting to try target red fin on plastics or spinners just wondering where a good spot to get them I've tried hear at murray Bridge but have had no luck any advice would be much appreciated cheers
  9. jiron

    what braid

    Thanks I have power pro on my brim rod think I might go with it again is there a good place to get it on line
  10. jiron

    what braid

    Hi just bought a new 4000 size sienna and was wondering what braid to put on it with out spending a lot of money any advice would be much appreciated
  11. jiron

    ebay spinners

    How do I pm someone
  12. Are cheep ebay spinner baits any good or a waste of money
  13. what size jig head do you use with the zman grubs and whear can i get the grubs from cheers
  14. what the best soft plastic for bream ?