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  1. danfish1234

    barometric pressure

    thanks vogon
  2. danfish1234

    barometric pressure

    any suggestions on a few websites that have 7 day forecast barometric pressure readings? cheers fishos
  3. danfish1234

    One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    goodluck mate! your service at fishing wholesalers was awesome. congrats on the new job happy fishing!
  4. danfish1234

    Strike Pro Smelta lure No 553

    lakes fishing and fuel
  5. danfish1234

    Strike Pro Smelta lure No 553

    there is a tackle shop in lakes entrance victoria that has a huge range of strikepro. if thats any help
  6. danfish1234

    Edithburgh trip

    Cheers fellas
  7. danfish1234

    Edithburgh trip

    Hi all im heading to edithburgh in november just seeing everyones experiences with fishing there in november? Lanbased mainly might take the boat going with alot of family so lanbased seems the go
  8. danfish1234

    Braid to flurocarbon

    Cheers guys. Ill definatley be getting some sunline fluro to go with the sunline braid. I got a few setups and keep 4lb braid with 4lb fluro. I rarely have problems with joint snap offs keeping the same pound either way. Snaps off at the lure like booma said. Good help cheers fellas. Danfish1234
  9. danfish1234

    Braid to flurocarbon

    Cheers guys for the feedback. I usually tie a fg knot at home before i head out and if snapped off usually a alberto/albright braid to fluro. Just wanted to know because ive heard some braids dont tie to good to some flurocarbon leader with the alberto knot. Cheers
  10. danfish1234

    Braid to flurocarbon

    Hey strike hookers. Looking to have some feedback on fishos with "experience" with sunline pe braid joined to berkley vanish leader. Between 4 - 6lb either way. Cheers danfish1234
  11. danfish1234

    Bait pump

    Hey strike hookers what do you think of pvc bait pumps? Are they worth the time? I have only ever used a friends stainless pump. But would still love some reccomendations on brands of the stainless bait pumps. Cheers guys tell me what you think!
  12. danfish1234


    I was land based doobie.
  13. danfish1234


    Headed down the fleurieu peninsula on saturday. Got there early morning on the hightide. Started receding nicley. Put my rag soaked in tuna oil in and in 10 mins there was plenty of garfish swimming around in my berley trail. Put out a float on one rod and the other with 2 splitshots and let that one drift. Ended up with 14 ranging between legal - 27cm. And 4 at 30cm. Fair few undersized that i had to work through but persisted. The legal ones were nice and fat aswell. Things shut off after and hour or so. Bring on the warmer weather!
  14. danfish1234

    What are your spring/summertime target species?

    Snook over 80cm on live gar as i dropped 2 last summer. YFW on popper YFW over 40cm