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  1. Meggs

    A 1.6 kg KG Whiting caught in Tassie..

    Probably a bit to do with their diet as well. I'm careful when filleting all fish. If you cut the stomach cavity sometimes the colour/smell puts you off immediately. The texture of the bigger ones can be a bit coarse which may not suit everyone. Anyway sitting down to a whiting steak has always appealed to me...
  2. Meggs

    Issues with logging in to S&H...

    @fridgeYes Ctrl F5 does work but having to use it every time is a pain. S&H is the only site I have this problem with.
  3. Couldn't find another place to post this...I use Google Chrome on a Win 7 PC. I continually have to log in to different threads. This makes using S&H a pain, so I give up.Any help for a frustrated user would be appreciated...
  4. Meggs

    best kgw for a while...

    Fair bit south of metro Adelaide in 33 metres of water. Did not want to come in the boat...
  5. Meggs

    best kgw for a while...

    I'ts been 6 months since the last quality fish so I reckon it is time for an update.This one went 559mm. Looks like this one had time to grow a bit...
  6. Meggs

    Identification help needed...

    Hi all,Just had some feedback from the Australian Museum. Suggestion is that it could be a juvenile Rainbow Cale (Heteroscarus acroptilus - sometimes called Odax acroptilus). One of my reference books has a picture of this - called a Rainbow Fish).Thanks to all for their input,Meggs
  7. Meggs

    Meggs underwater video

    Here is another underwater video showing lots of reef fish...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efs4Aq_oHbQ
  8. Here's another fish that I can't identify. 20 m of water, reefy area.Next time I'll remember to put my identification book in when I pack.
  9. Meggs

    Identification help needed...

    Thanks @archerfishI'll dig out my old copy of "Fishes of South Australia" when I get back from this trip and look that one up.Meggs
  10. Meggs

    Identification help needed...

    Not a gurnard - just had one on the BBQ. Not too bad to eat - you just have to negotiate the spines when filleting them...
  11. Meggs

    Identification help needed...

    Picture captured in 25 m of water in Investigator Strait. Reefy area - nearly had to donate the SARCA when it got well and truly stuck...
  12. Hi all,You've helped me out before. Need to know what this critter is? Picture isn't great, water was a bit murky and the fish is not very big.Meggs
  13. Hi all,I'm away in the country at the moment and my internet connection is slow (when it exists)...To the topic - can anyone name the beast I caught the other day (see picture). I tried doing a search on the Australian Museum site but it was too frustrating...TIA,Meggs
  14. Meggs

    best kgw for a while...

    went 5mm better today...