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  1. nicksfishin666

    redfin spots

    oh ahahah thanks
  2. nicksfishin666

    redfin spots

    yeah ive found a few spots and how do you see the avatar
  3. nicksfishin666

    redfin spots

    hi all does anyone know of redfin spots that will produce some good fish looking for specific spots not just whereabouts thanks in advance, nick
  4. nicksfishin666

    Don't be conned out of your money.

    his excuses into conning money out of people is the only cancer there
  5. nicksfishin666

    Where is this?

    murray mouth
  6. nicksfishin666

    What are your spring/summertime target species?

    something big lol
  7. nicksfishin666

    salmon rods

    hi guys i was recomended to use light gear when lure flicking for salmon at southport just wondering what weight/length it should be