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  1. well i experimented a little today. i started with 2 rod lengths of fluro leader. went to port gawler for a while, got a couple of ST's, then went to garden island for an hour or so and got another 4 ST's. no bream but got to try out leader lengths, and out fished my father, who had same lures but less leader. ( just lucky perhaps? ). i understand what some have said regarding the fluro getting a memory once it goes as far back as the spool, but being 4lb fluro it straightened out just by the weight of the lure alone and i did get snagged and busted the leader just above the l
  2. hi all, long time reader, i'm transitioning from bait over to the dark side of using soft plastics (land based) and an enjoying it. I've caught a few ST's, a few small bream etc but like many,...i'm still yet to hook onto a wiley ol' decent sized bream. my plastics of choice seem to be the popular grubs in motor oil colour, using as light a jig head where possible, while my current lines are 6lb braid, with a 4lb fluro leader, of around a rod length. my questions are; 1) for bream, on lures, what are peoples preferred leader lengths, and why? 2) is ther
  3. good to hear the prospecting paid off. i gotta get down that way sometime soon.
  4. i'll try it tomorrow arvo. cheers.
  5. hi all, upon using my 2" zman grubs, I noticed I was getting lots of bites from fish that were not quite big enough to engulf the jig head hook. But just to catch something, (albeit smaller ones), does anyone experiment with putting a little 'stinger' hook near the tail end of their soft plastic lure? I think I might try doing this, just to see if it helps. I know the tail section of the lure might not wiggle as good as it should, but if I keep the stinger hook small enough, (a little size 10 hook perhaps) it still might be ok. any thoughts/ideas?
  6. hi all, anyone make their own scents to put on their lures? if so,........what works?
  7. yeah,...........always hangin' out to go fishing when I get a new rod or reel etc.
  8. hi soft plastic guru's. are the soft plastic worms effective just as a bait on a hook? or do they have to be 'worked' like a soft plastic grub or similar?
  9. it was north west NSW. but we did catch a fish in a dam there.
  10. well its not as nice as southie's, but a favourite of mine also. taken with the phone, whilst out hunting.
  11. i use Fins braid. it seems good,....but i haven't used others to compare it to. but i am getting good life out of the Fins. i use 30lb on the deep water rod, 10lb on the whiting type rods, and 6lb on the bream type rods. i'm still using nylon on the beach rod though.
  12. I took the 7yr old daughter and wife down to see these when they were in the port. the daughter loved these "pirate ships".
  13. i gotta sit this weekend out. i'm heading inland.
  14. still waiting to catch it. but so far it would be when my wife caught a small gummy shark. she nearly jumped out when i pulled it up on board.
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