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  1. I I have had reasonably good success making my own and think I have a simpler method than some others I have seen. I just tie two hooks to a piece of 80 lb braid and loop it to a split ring with a strand of rubber alongside the braid, before pulling it tight I add two more rubber legs trough the loop created at the split ring. when it is pulled tight the rubber seems to stop the knot slipping when a fish is only hooked on one hook.
  2. I have caught a gummy at Browns that I saw in the moonlight in less than a foot of water snuffling up the discarded baits. Wound in and dropped bait in front of it and was on. Have also heard of cocklers catching then in their cockle nets as they are attracted to the disturbed cockles. I have personaly seen them and countless rays foraging in the wash for cockles. Also heard of a large mulloway that beached itself apparently in good health as it required a decent wrestle to subdue and drag out before the next wave. One time was fishing with a novice at Teatree who we were laughing wasn't makin
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