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  1. Thanks for all the advice/ideas. First things first, got to go catch one!
  2. Just bought an 18v repcipro saw....now I have a reason I can tell the wife why I bought it! Thanks for that.
  3. Can you use a bandsaw used for wood (cleaned down of course) to cut large snapper up into cutlets or do you need a proper meat bandsaw? How does everyone cut their snapper into cutlets?
  4. Am wondering can you store a couple of 20 litre buckets of sea water at home for those odd occasions you forget to bring some home with you after you have caught some crabs? If so, how long would it be ok for? Just hate crabs cooked in fresh water or even water with lots of salt added, just not the same.
  5. Playing with all the above receipts to work out which I like the best but running out of jars. Has anyone tried keeping pickled squid in sealed plastic containers? Is there an issue with storing in plastic containers?
  6. Only ever done snooking behind the boat with leaded lines. Am now informed that method is old fashioned and you use beaked lures??. Can someone please inform as to what I should be using in 40 foot of water. How far behind the boat do you use them? Speed the same?
  7. Am wondering what is the best way to store fresh crabs in the fridge. Do you put in a sealed container, do you back them? How long can you keep fresh crabs in the fridge?
  8. Can't leave home without him. Nuisance at times but better him than the missus nagging.
  9. Looking for an easy way to cut snapper into cutlets. Was thinking of getting a bandsaw. Does anyone know if there is a difference from a butchers bandsaw to one used for woodworking? Can a wood working one be used to cut up snapper? Or does someone have an easy to cut them up they wish to share?
  10. Thanks all....I'll vist Gotone at St Mary's next week. Funny thing is I have 2 of the same reel and when I checked the other one, it has gone the same and was I have not even been using it. Having taken both apart and freed everything so it all looks like they are working, neither works. Maybe time for a new reel...early Fathers Day present coming on me thinks! Again thanks for the advice.
  11. I have a Eurostar Baitfeeder BFS-80 that has been a great reel on the Mullies but suddenly does not want to engage when not in baitfeeder mode. I have taken the cover off and peeked inside. No visible broken parts, nothing seized, all seems to work ok. Got me stuffed. Anyone any ideas of where I can get it looked at? Thanks
  12. I smoke large salmon trout/mullet/tommies and mullaway fillets often in a weber. Comments from Ranger are very similiar to my method. I give about 3 hours to dry fillets out after brining. I use 25 heat beads, light 45 mins before use so they are white, put sawdust/woodchips in an alfoil tray on botton rack, then spread fish over top rack. Cook for 45 mins. I also do chicken wings. Brine for 2 hours, dry for 4 hours, 36 heat beads, cook for 55 minutes. And no need to tell anyone your smoking fish, they just seem to turn up as you finished cooling them down!
  13. I have been trying to find GPS coordinates for some of the popular boat ramps such as Wallaroo, West Beach, Pt Hughes, ect but cannot locate them. Harder to find than spot x. Would anyone have any? Thanks Sunova
  14. As the weather was crap for fishing, thought I'd drive in and see if I could get a free park around North Terrace. Did not think it would be good value to pay to park then pay to get in as I had been the last couple of years and was not expecting much to have changed. Lucky me found an all day park just off North Tce. Only took a little whilst to work out every dealer was in the same location as previous years. I spent 4 hours walking around looking at all the boats. Not many fishing gear exhibits. New bass boat exhibit was interesting. Lots of exhibits re water safety and regulations. Did find a Lowrance/Eagle man that had not been there in previous years that answered a couple of questions for me. Only made the one buy in 4 hours. All my previous visits to the boat show had been with fishing buddies. You seem to follow each other around looking at whatever anyone wanted to see but always on the move. By myself, I could look at what I wanted to in my own timeframe. Would have to say time went quick enough and I sort of enjoyed myself. May go again next year. Broker, I'd rate it as a 2 - 3.Cheers Sunova
  15. Anyone know where to get a cockle net like the Pro's use? Or does someone have a pattern of one I could build myself?Looking at getting my own cockles next season.Sunova.