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  1. dutchy

    Northbank 750HT Info

    The Nautic Star looks a beast for the price but would be a one town boat. I have always liked the Kevlacat 2400 twin 140 Suzuki's for a towable offshore large boat
  2. dutchy

    Lure is spinning while I'm retrieving

    buy another lure see if that works You will need spares anyway
  3. dutchy

    Yeti ice bricks

    Yeti gear is expensive but well designed & built I took 3 months to get a 4L drink bottle wasn't paying retail... SSSOOOO happy I eventually got it. 4l thermos on a 40deg day working in the sun best drink bottle I've seen For fishing I use a salt saline solution in 6 X 1.25L bottles & few bags ice to make a super cold ice slurry for fish Usually I get frostbite while filleting lol
  4. dutchy

    Snapper fishing lessons - worth it?

    No idea if any good but you will get help here. What areas do you fish?
  5. dutchy

    Bandsaw - Snapper Cutlets

    Stainless meat blade for my 18v recipro... Job done https://adelaidetools.com.au/accessory-shop/recipro-blades/milwaukee-stainless-steel-400mm-sawzall-meat-blade-1-pack-48001083.html
  6. dutchy

    American White Oak Shavings

    700 kg of shavings that's a big pile...
  7. dutchy

    A good mono to mono knot please.

    Why bother with the leader? If I was running light mono I would go straight to lure Just another weakness in the line only 2lb extra anyway knots in light line can be trouble
  8. dutchy

    Rapala R type reel

    I was looking at the BG's pretty good bang for buck
  9. dutchy

    Rapala R type reel

    Hi Fishoes I just got my new r type 6500 $89 delivered with 2 yrs of fishing porn I was after a beach reel for lures salmon etc I don't think this is the one.. A heavy beast more suited to deep reefs etc out in the boat I think Anyone used one before or any opinions? What reels do you recommend for long casts & high speed lures Probably 15lb braid spare spool would be great...
  10. dutchy

    Vapour trail, has the pilot lost his bearings...

    dmck you beat me to it
  11. Dark diver or skirt run short in prop wash has most of my tuna while trolling I will use a big purple mackerel skirt next time as lots of 40 cm schools of macs where i tried on snap opening day Duel adagio 125g with single hook casts a mile on 20lb for surface fish. Yozuri mag minnow white red head 55mm was unstoppable when feading on whitebait one time 5 fish to 0 Good luck
  12. dutchy

    Kids desert

    I make an awesome christmas treat make chocolate ice magic melted choc with little bit of oil line silicon tit molds freeze icecream with Drambuie mix in christmas pudding Into moulds cap with chocolate freeze Take out to soften before serving on hot day
  13. dutchy

    Top Shot mono

    I only use a few meters mono leader not a top shot on my egg beaters Presume you setting up for medium - BIG tuna with lures What length & size are you trying to use? I try to go lighter leader as tuna teeth rarely cut leader but they can be shy & heavy leaders will also restrict action Go get em knackers
  14. dutchy

    Odd find at Largs beach

    The prawn trawlers get them regular bycatch I think more common spencer gulf Used to get 5kg box $50 but those days are gone
  15. Nice catch at Wirrina  matey ,love the place better fishing there , I only go for the Snapper there ,and have had good times , sad ones aswell lol .....there is some massive squid down that way , but have never got onto the whiting , have tried lots in front of the pines , but reckon in the pine area it would fire for the gar .....was thinking of wading in the shallows for gar , I have a go to spot for the snapps ,if you ever want to team up , only 3 km out , I have a 17.6 king craft and yammy 115 , with lights for night fish if keen give me a pm .... as I only fish through the week ...........retired hurt .....but can fish lol    

    1. dutchy


      Tried for the squid only got 2 got lots of small ones on the long weekend

      I find the whiting around more deeper 40-50ft but I'm no expert my winch was wired to deep cycle battery which is now dead so only drifting this trip

      I'm keen to meet a fellow fisho


    2. lofty64


      no worries matey , a catch up n fish sounds good , bloody boats ,my trailer did a bearing and the hub is cactus ,so more money spent , but love fishing down that way , a lot more fish , I have caught squid in 48ft , and they are big buggers ,Have tried for the Whiting and no luck , mostly get the snapper there . Pm for a fish if you wish , my boat your boat all good or both cheers .