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  1. Thats it Rod, now its just a massive waiting game. Too much hassle with the Nautic Star i think. Oversize signs front and back and flags on each corner to tow, restrictions on towing times etc, No doubt it would have sold already if it was a tad narrower and lighter. This is where the Northbank 750 fits for our requirements, Weighs 3.3T and 2.5m beam, can legally tow it with the Ranger or Dmax. Yeah its frustrating, just the way it goes though. They are nice boats and will definitely be worth the wait. Maybe catch less fish next time mate, could be slowing you down.
  2. That is an absolute beast. 2.8m beam and 3.8T loaded. Would be great down at the Cape. Probably need to invest in a tractor. Not to sure about the hours on the motor though. Might have to go and check it out and get a better idea of condition, most of the time photos can cover up a lot of issues. Cheers for keeping an eye out mate, we did end up missing out on the Northbank. Cheers, Christien
  3. Cheers Rod. Might have missed out on the Northbank. Managed to get a hold of the number of the boat owner and gave him a call. Negotiated a price and ready to send the deposit over. The owner called his mate to double check as its some joint thing and advised that another guy from Sydney was coming down to Adelaide the next day to have a look, this was yesterday. Dont know if the boat ended up selling or fell through. That Caribbean is a nice rig, we are particularly looking for I/O or Inboard shaft drive.
  4. Hi Rod, Thankyou for the reply. Initially when my farther and i drove to see the boat, he jumped into a 600c in the showroom and fell in love with it almost instantly though it came down to sheer size that we were looking for is why we are looking at the 750ht. The build quality visually is amazing for us especially as our boat in comparison is a 32 year old boat that's been in the family for 30 years . Our boat has had its course of repairs / new motor along the way, served us very well and we've never been stuck out at sea or needed a tow. Getting to the point where the family is outgrowing it and we are trying to find something like it reliability wise as the bells and whistles will come anyway by the next boat just being a much newer boat. We fish down South at Cape Jervis 90% of the time and there is nothing more you could ask for in a boat than being reliable with the temperamental waters we have there. Most likely the reason Cape Jervis homes multiple Clayton Gallants. We were also looking at the Witchcraft 7.5 though it is quite a bit more expensive for an older boat and doesn't seem to be internally finished as well as the Northbank though it's advantage was the midmount motor and self draining deck. Reminds me of the Clayton Gallants of that time. Its always fantastic and greatly appreciated to have first hand experience, by the sounds of it, we are on the right track by going with the Northbank 750ht. Might see you on the water. Cheers Christien
  5. Hi All, New to this forum, chasing some info about Northbank boats here in SA and typically all the reviews of the Northbank 750HT are heavily marketed pushing towards all the bells and whistles. Im after the raw info about them. Thinking of upgrading our current boat to a Northbank 750HT, Volkswagen TDI 265 -6 with Mercury Bravo II. Does anyone have any info regarding Nothbank boats. Quality, stability, performance, pros/cons, value for money, etc Any help would be much appreciated. - Christien