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  1. pick me up on the way? I have a new toy on I want try down there haha
  2. it explains why softy is the way softy is... not many people would swim in the torrens for a $70 rod and reel combo and a carp
  3. is the video of softy swimming in the torrens while fishing for carp on this site yet...
  4. now, if the 500k worth of fingerlings, becomes 1.5 million in return once they grow and overall biomass increases then doesnt everyone win? its like the kingfish pens on a larger scale but boosting a fish stock which would be that abundant if not fished for commercially.
  5. Jimmy.

    Light reels

    Missed out on these on clearance at tackelworld for $250 each! seem to be running out of stores and a new model must be on its way
  6. I may do more than just my fishing knives. I have it as one of the things to look after as part of my job. I wouldnt be happy with the finish on the knives above for my cheap filleting knives let alone other. I get them to a mirror finish basically. stay sharp for a long time and I dont have to take much material off per sharpening.
  7. i use it for finishing off all sorts of items. either that or i use the robert sorby pro edge.
  8. if you want a quick sharpen which is consistent and easy, quick and kind on your knives... a scotch bright wheel on a grinder.
  9. produces some heat yes, unless your taking chunks out of the blades you only needs to be very light on the belts (robert sorby has a great attachment for knives!) your just getting a micro burr at the end (use a decent headlamp to get good visibility on what your doing). It comes off the belt with a mirror finish (most belt sanders people use don't use low enough grit and your basically polishing the blade after the first quick pass). I have a bunch of bone handle butter knives i have sharpened up and they are deadly and my hand is totally bald from shaving hairs off with it. My process i
  10. I use one of two items/ procedures when doing all the surgical knifes, osteotomes etc. a robert sorby pro edge ( easy to use, and gets a good result) which has been modified to run backwards or forwards - followed by a 8000 grit wet stone and a strop for the top notch stuff. or a quick going over as its not too bad, use a scotch brite wheel on a reserve spinning grinder. then polish off the bur with the buff wheel. (easiest way by far to keep them sharp) way to test knives is through a bit of paper and should be an easy clean slice, and for chisels etc should be able to tak
  11. seems like a crazy amount of work? is there nothing off the shelf similiar?
  12. where are you getting your paint for these from banga? very interesting idea to make your own (or even adding colours to existing lures)
  13. Dave if you need some before then let me know, I have a few bags in my freezer you gave me last time left! I will be keen to go down, found minimal advantage over driving along the beach compared to by the kiosk though.
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