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  1. Looks like another killa session on the water, cant wait for the next trip out & , awesome fun
  2. What can i say,great start to 2014, great day, great company with a couple of gun fishos, look forward to the next adventure @Moggy I think i gave the guys a good run all day The tuna loved the x rap
  3. Hi 4THA here is my cheap quick setup, only does 10-15 max, enough for a feed, been doin the deeds for the last 20yrs now
  4. Top stuff, well done, now it gets ya revved up to target them more
  5. This is what i always use BOMhttp://www.bom.gov.au/marine/wind.shtmlhttp://www.bom.gov.au/sa/forecasts/adelaide-waters.shtmlhttp://www.tides4fishing.com/au/south-australia/adelaide-outer-harbour
  6. I been steaming crabs for years now, Cost ya a couple of dollars to make and about 10mins of your time if that Just get a piece of wire mesh the size of ya crab cooker. fold the corners so it sits 2cm above the base of the pot.Add a couple of cm of water, only takes 5mins or so to heat up. Allot quicker than boiling up 10ltrs of water or more.Put ya crabs in and steam away.Instant steamer
  7. Looks like you had a great few days fishing there I went to victor chasing them on friday but they were nowhere to be seen all day bird action was very poor to.Most of the others crews didnt see them either that day.Was still a great day out there and a good learning curve out in the open ocean, deffinantly different seas compared to the metro waters, The swirl was only 2mtrs with a choppy seas on top of that, we were doing 45kmh and still couldnt keep up with the swirl and thats on a good day.
  8. Well done on getting into the tuna action JJ Might head down there during the week for a play again after seeing all the action lately
  9. How big was the top one, looks bigger than 10cm? The Eastern Gobbleguts (Vincentia novaehollandiae) grows to a maximum length of approximately 10cm.
  10. My techni ice esky works quite good with frozen 2ltr bottles, The bottles are still frozen solid after todays session along with a bag of reds in it worked a treat a few years back over the west coast with dry ice.Im currently in the process of making a esky out of the 50mm coolroom panels, At least that way its made to my specs and my needs, current 80ltr one is to small
  11. Ive got a sunbeam food saver, had it for many of years and works great, unsure of price.If ya after reasonably cheap good bags or rolls for your machines go to:MBL Food ServiceAddress: 432 Churchill Road, Kilburn SA 5084 Phone: 8262 8637I'm quite sure i used to buy the 5mtr x 250mm rolls and the 5mtr x 300mm rolls for around $25 for 2.They have a variety to choose from rolls and bags.Some of the ones ive bought from ebay are :c waste of money
  12. Nice bag out but im a bit confussed I cant seem to spot the 11kg red :dry: They all look around 8-9kg to me I went out that day to and we managed to land 5 around 6kg
  13. No they are my old brass scales and a crappy photo taken
  14. Nice sized salmon would of been a ball catching it on 5lb line.Caught this one over the west coast, Cant quite read my old scales Any Guesses? Looks like it was between 4-5kg, made up a few nice mully baits with it
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