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  1. Call me a sceptic, but I would take what our 'local council members' have said with a grain of salt. I would be glad that the 'tests' have not yet been done, and as soon as they are, everybody's favourite bunch of spuds will jump a board and help us- the greens (well, if you call it help?). If a flipping lizard stopped billionaire miners mining in Northern Queensland there would be hundreds of things to stop this development... and not just the fact that it'd go stagnant and carp infested. I mean, it won't be any good for boats. Not unless they double its width and flood all the mini 'plains'
  2. Been pretty sweet. Done pretty well on bream and little jewwies on hards in the ink, and killed the snaps. Here's my new pb from last weekend at 11.2kg and 99cm
  3. Well, if money was no issue, I'd probably go something like this : Megabass SHADOW XX SXX-96M with a Shimano AR-C Aero CI4+ 4000XG
  4. Haven't posted in a while so thought I'd chuck up a pic of my lure pb from today, beating my previous of 83cm. Also picked up a 71cm and 64cm. All went to the 2500 Sustain and gomoku. Oh, and out-fished dad 7-0 including bait fish
  5. For those that are interested.... http://tacklenews.net/shimano-15stradic.html Pretty basic pic, but looks kinda vanquish like in shape
  6. Hey guys. I'm looking at buying a new reel for kings, jigging and live baiting in Coffins this October. I know 5000 might be smallish, but for about $100 more, and only in HS not to keen. Just wondering what he size of a 5000 daiwa is in shimano as I want a reel in the 10,000 shimano size. May also just get a Saragosa SW or two instead worse comes to worse.
  7. Mate, I'm sure if you do a day trip to Pt mac or Portland the local bins would be chocas if that's your thing.
  8. If you're going to go 3lb fluro I would go pe 0.6 as you'll probably be using heavier leaders. From experience, my pe 0.4 was rather difficult in the aspect of knot strength, and the braid always cut thru 6lb leaders. Was still awesome on 2lb leaders, but not heavier.
  9. About a year ago I started using straight thru on my lightest flats combo with a 1000 reel. It's awesome! Hook pulls are rare and hookups are so much easier to come by. I use hards mainly, however. I use it along heavy structure, and have been mostly fine so far, but it's always scary throwing a zipbait or ecogear with the 3lb! I had 2.5lb before the 3 and found I had many more bust-offs thru random breaks, losing like 100 bucks of lures in a month or so alone, so 3lb is way better for that slight extra strength. In WL it's fine for plastics as they smash it anyway so hookup isn't a problem, b
  10. Great fish! Love to hear the C&R as well. This time of year as the breeders move into the onka it's crucial! (Well, all year round it is but now especially) I remember my first bait 40. A sick feeling. Just need to crack it on lure now.
  11. Mate, cheers for posting this. Great and informative read.
  12. Well, take a look at what the R&A fb page just posted here already. No cork though.
  13. Yeah, 10knots and under seems to be the way out there. Have been to pages in 16-17knots, but defiantly not Saunders. Although, we only have a 5.4m Great once you are there! So much flatter as you don't have the warm air coming off the land hitting you. Always more wind and chop once you hit the pages on the way home.
  14. It was to give peace of mind that I could put 18kg of pressure on a fish and know nothing would pop on huge kings, but for tuna, you only really need 30kg max for VICTOR bluefin. Port Mac, well that's a different story.
  15. Was thinking of making a thread like this, purely on tuna myself. I use a TLD20A two speed, with a Shimano Taipan 15-24kg. I run 80lb Berkley PE Maxx on it (put on originally for coffins kings. Over kill I know, but can't afford to change it for now. I'd rather get lures...) I also run a Shimano Baitrunner B 6500 on a 10 kg glass rod. Dad will run the 16000 Salina with 50lb braid and a 30kg Salina jig rod, which he easily knocked over his first tuna with, a nice 25kg fish last week. We then have a crap 'Penn GT special' with an even crapper JW fully rollered rod. The last outfit is a Abu 7000
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