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  1. Been a while but finally back. HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A GREAT EASTER! Just uploaded a local Snapper caught on plastic last trip out metro south
  2. Young star in the making. Gee you can fish. Very well done!
  3. Ive been getting a heap of mullies on my 3-6KG Control Freak and 3000 Shimano Ultegra. This has power to burn and I know if I hook anything of size I will be able to control it no problem.Im currently just running 8lb Fireline and 8lb leader and this set up catches me Big Bream and plenty of schoolies in the Onk.But this set up is equally at home in the CoorongBut obviously if you wanted a budget outfit, you couldnt go wrong with a decent Shimano 2500 and 2-5kg stick. The extra kilo or two in rod rating allows you to steer fish around known rocks in the river or sunken snags.
  4. Sorry this should read PLATILthere is a PLATIL STRONG but I always though that the plain PLATIL was superior.
  5. If you can find an old skool spool of Mono called Platyl - snap it up. its very soft and supple and good diameter. I used to use it on all my reels prior to moving to braid. If anyone ever sees it for sale please let me know?
  6. I heard that Natural coloured Damiki Grubs are always worth a crack :woohoo:
  7. Went out to chase some WINTER bream today, I was really just fishing on a wing and a prayer when all of a sudden my Damiki F-grub in Omebi got engulfed. The fish fought hard and I had a Cracking bream of 30plus cm's.I proceeded to land another 3 BIG bream in a row, all approx 35cm and the whole time I was weighting to hook a big one. Finally whack, I had hooked a steam train. This things was pulling line and for a while I thought I was onto a schoolie. Finally I got it withing site and was stoked. This fish was approx 40 odd cms and was SOLID [as.The Millerod Control freak put the hurt on these fish in strong current and helped me avoid some big rocks a couple of times.
  8. That is interesting indeed. Back when I was in the Navy which was approx 1987-1990, the ship I was on pulled into O/Harbour and the crew took leave in Adelaide. was either the HMAS Swan or HMAS Brisbane.Do you know what date that O/H became too shallow for Navy warships?
  9. Yeah I tend to agree Fabian, the less fish that are released at great depths the better. I think 25meters is about as deep as you want to be fishing to ensure a high success rate of released fish if the angler has done everything correctly.If the charter was fishing in any deeper than that then they have probably made a good decision to move on and stop fishing.
  10. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: I also wanted to point out that w luckily we live in a democratic society, and if the majority or rec anglers want to open it for fishing, then I am happy to move forward with doing this the best we can. Ie I would fully support it. I'm just throwing out reasons that we might want to look at leaving it closed. As most of you know, earlier I was all for opening it and maybe making it c&r only but soon other members pointed out the impracticality of that idea. LOLI of course if the majority say they want it open, I would fish from it myself.The advantages of a forum are you can discuss the pro's and cons. With this I see many pros and cons.
  11. Hi Shannon, thanks for your enquiry. I have been over this previously but I am happy to go over this again for you.Yes Snapper are susceptable to baratrauma, as are many other species of fish.Our members are all strongly encouraged to learn the signs of baratrauma, and check and monitor each capture the best they can before making a judgement call as to if the Snapper can be tagged and released succesffully and with minimal risk of it dying.Our members are encouraged to look for any sign of the swim bladder coming from the mouth, any signs of an inflated swim bladder in their stomachs and if these are noticed, and the fish is of legal size the fish should be kept and taken.There are a few members that have purchased release bombs to get the snapper back down to the bottom which will also increase the odds dramatically when releasing fish that have come from 25Plus metres of water.The club has now tagged n released 171 snapper with 5 known re-captures which equates to 3% but this percentage is on par with what is expected as its only the clubs second year of tagging and those tagged fish have not been swimming around for a long period of time allowing them to be caught again.The data gained from the tag n released fish is going to help build an important picture of Snapper movements and growth rates within the state.I am not sure if you are familiar with Suntag, but they have tagged over 600,000 fish in QLD and there is alot of data specifically with movement of Barra that would not have been discovered if it were not for ANSA tagging.Unfortunately many of the anglers that these video's have been produced for are innexperienced anglers, that are currently not aware of the possible damage that releasing a fish with baratrauma can do, and you are so right, it is really important to release fish correctly. I know I am always learning techniques to improve my tagging process, like covering the fishes eyes with a wet cloth to calm them down, wetting the brag mat down prior to measuring etc. We also like our members to swim fish until they kick rather than just throwing them or spearing them in over the side. (although this can have its risks with Great white sharks)Regarding the Stanvac Jetty, at this point boats arent allowed to fish within a 500m radius of the Jetty. I am an avid land based angler, so my views of keeping this closed to the public arent purely based on my access to these fish.Hope this helps.Brett
  12. Another problem that has caused me to give this issue further thought is the fact that the jetty if not agreed to be maintained by the council, will just collapse and over time will dissintegrate.I am no pondering is there more benefit to fish species to have the structure left in tact and allow fishing or let it dissentergrate and for them to have just the remnance of this structure?
  13. Hey this is a great healthy debate guys, although Im normally fairly to the point, I always try to respect everyones right to their own opinions, and its good to read others thoughts on the issue. :cheer: :cheer: But let me address your above question TB. Yes I am strongly against spatial closures in Upper Gulf St Vincent as the areas that are proposed to be locked up have not been locked up before. Stanvac jetty on the other hand through private ownership by mobile has been locked up wether we like it or not for decades. This has built a working No Take Zone. This zone has been and should continue to be a no take zone in the future. So as anglers we are already used to it being locked up and I believe it should be fairly easy for us to continue on leaving it locked up for the benefit of many species.Yes, I guess this is the case, the proximity of the structure to local Biomass. Put simply this jetty is important to a large number of snapper that move in Gulf St Vincent.Just like the Zanoni and the Hobart. Let me ask if you think that both of these structures are not the wholy grail of Snapper fishing? Is the fishing not exponentially better on both of these sites because they have been locked up?Now I have'nt fished either of these structures myself, but I have heard reliable reports of people that have fished these structures and the size and numbers of schooling Snapper on these two structures is phenomenal to say the least.I dont see Stanvac jetty being much different given the numbers of fish that are on drops close by in summer and given that I have sounded up many big schools near the jetty itself myself.TB you know I will always respect your views. cheers. :cheer: