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  1. Kat

    Fish ID :D

    Oh thats awesome news!!!yeah weird stuff happens ot me all the time. I have a bunch of stories that people call BS on but thankfully im smart enough to have witnesses hahaha
  2. Kat

    Fish ID :D

    wow jesus...damnit now i feel really bad.I cant find anywhere about minimum sizes though
  3. Kat

    Fish ID :D

    I tried to keep it alive but failed as i didnt know what it was i took it off so i wouldnt get stabbed by anything.tried asking a few blokes and Just got a I dunno.The BF who goes snorkelling said he saw about 3 swimming aroundand now... size limits? haha time to find out
  4. Kat

    Fish ID :D

    Its about32cms long Caught off a small beach at the bluff On cockle....Im at a loss, its a bit of everything.
  5. Kat

    Fishing Apps

    Awesome guys thanksa lot for that!!Android Apps for me
  6. Hi Blokes,I know there was a thread a while ago about this but i couldn't find it.I was wondering if anyone can suggest some good local fishing apps.Especially those based on local fish types/dangerous etcAs a self taught fisher I find myself getting nervous when catching something i dont recognise.Eg. those puffer/toad fish things, I have no idea if they are dangerous to touch or not so i look like a tool trying to get them off my hook (i dont even know what they are called)Something with that and size/bag limits would be super
  7. Good eye blokes!!I did a little research this morning and it is a Overhead rodOHD56A.I only have one little overhead, a little cheapie i bought just to see if i liked them or not.Now to team it up with a reel, ones i know nothing about :S
  8. Thanks guys!im going to mess around with the reel since ive never pulle don apart before.what sort of reel would you team with the rod? (no more then $100)
  9. My bloke went snorkelling today as i caught dinner for him and he brought me back A fishing rod and reel a 10-15kg ugly stick, its about 5ft'7 ?And the reel is a shakespear Power playI was thinking of just rubbing it down with WD40, but i thought i would ask first :)The reel seems a bit small to be matched with 10-15kg rodLiek the Subect says, How would i got about cleaning it up?
  10. That's because a group of us went and buried them all at a secret spot to hide them from the locals :evil: yeha?!?! Well' date='Well ive trained all the seagulls to crap on ya cars : :evil: :whistle:[/quote']well you know what you do if a bird shitz on your car dont ya Kat ????get rid of her hahahaKnew a chick who did that.... she was a classy lass..... ...
  11. That's because a group of us went and buried them all at a secret spot to hide them from the locals :evil: yeha?!?! Well,Well ive trained all the seagulls to crap on ya cars : :evil: :whistle:
  12. Went down there this arvo, Only ones out there.it was an incoming tide, probably not the best time to go down, The wind was blowing a bit (its going to die down after lunch time tomorrow)If you are coming down I might suggest bringing a few and spreading out.I was there for about and hour and only ended up with about 50
  13. :woohoo: :ohmy: :evil: I hate you guys.xox
  14. hahaha smart ass.I was wondering if it would make any difference to how long they would keep :DANYHOO, Just got back with 50... after an hour... on an incoming tide... suburnt and sand blown. Grumpy gal ahoy!now i just need to find somewhere to go fishing.
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