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  1. When u think u are retrieving slow enough slow down even more.
  2. yea seems to work well for me. i got the idea off a dvd and it explained that doing it this way the rod loads up straight away rather than the rod bending if the angle is to high and the rod will bend and the fish spits the bait before it hooks up.
  3. i have my rods in a HORIZONTAL rod rack with about 1 - 2 kg of drag pressure set. with that tension they usually hook themselves and dont have to strike. i belive if u strike with circles they dont hook up as well. another great thing about using circles is that they very very rarely get gut hooked which is much better for the fish if you intend on releasing. good luck.
  4. im sure you could as long as it hasnt been treated. if it was me id just buy it as its not expensive and you dont use that much either. worth giving it a go though
  5. for snapper i always use gamakatsu 4/0 5/0 & 6/0. i use a patanoster rig with one dropper with 2 hooks. usually run a circle on the bottom and a suicide on top depending wat bait im using. i have personally found that using this setup i get a ver high hook up rate. so id say give them a go. good luck.
  6. just watched a couple. great work. ill be keeping an eye out for more. cheers :woohoo:
  7. its a great feelieng getting a good fish. great work mate hope ya get plenty more
  8. ahhh awsome what a buzz. looks like you had a great time. love watchin those 2 funny blokes. expecially when this happens to them >>> . haha.
  9. in my opinion no way. i cant see what he can teach you that reading books and google cant. other than giving a spot away that most people would know about anyway. you could have the best spot in the gulf and not catch a thing as you might be fishing the wrong time. as iv learnt, its half the fun learning all the tricks by yourself. and when that rod screams it is so worth it. you can buy a lot of bait, fuel, hooks, burley, launching fees and fish for $500. just keep persisting and you will get them.
  10. great footage! amazing creatures. wiuld love to go swimming with them one day. really makes me wonder what they think when the interact with us fishos.
  11. yep poor battery life. you can turn off the wifi and will give you almost double battery life iv heard. good luck.
  12. as nickmav said. but i would add a bit of freshly chopped rosmary :whistle: and a few beers
  13. thats cheap as. but no warranty. we have had a few come back with issues so i hope yours is ok. just make sure u update it with a FULL battery.
  14. can discount batteries aswell. pm sent
  15. great camera. im getting the hero 3 silver edition to replace my old one that was lost. if u want one we sell that at my work and i might be able to do a deal on a silver edition for you. but we cant discount black edition. let me know.
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