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  1. one of the old school shark fishos that fishes down henley during the season fishes uncoated wire for bronzies and has no worries at all, one it does seem to bother sometimes can be hammer heads
  2. any little ones being caught atm? might have to hit up st kilda in the boat
  3. Assuming your also down there fishing in that second photo your also fishing in a no fish zone. There's some old renagde that always comes down and abuses u if you fish there. You'll probably find him under the Charles Sturts managers desk on often occasions. I don't understand why you can't fish along that area. But I guess if u have a issue all you can do is call fisheries.
  4. They wouldn't have had evidence on the other guy seeing as there isn't a photo of him using the illegal gear along with a shark beside him, cant fine him if you cant prove he was, guess the only way they could fine the first bloke was because theres a blatant photo of him with wire.... but if you play your cards right you could have still talked your way out of it.
  5. I wont go into this at much other than this law is complete rubbish.You can technically still shark fish during the day as you can use hooks upto 4/0 or 6/0? and highest pound mono possible. So your legally still able to shark fish during the day at any time, whats the difference between taking a bait out on wire and taking a bait out on mono 200m? where this laws reason behind it is your bring in sharks close to shore yet you can still fish mono and still have a chance of catching it on mono anyway, wheres the logic in that? 1 fish out in the middle of a massive coastline. Your aloud to shark
  6. ray annes for %90 of my tackle, i enjoy going in there and giving bruce shit, guys also help me out with any questions i have. And swing in for the last minute things at tackle and tucker matt and nick are good blokes!
  7. went over st kilda way got 6 snook 4 salmon trout and 3 nice sized tommys, some big schools of tommys getting around in st kilda, also spotted large amounts of crabs in st kilda around the weed beds
  8. caught the same dogshark twice in 30mins, not that they probably count lol
  9. 50lb for big ones if that what you want, I used to run 30lb but after alot of talking and reading, if you want to release the shark in the best health possible go 50lb.. With 30lb running that less drag makes the fight last longer making the shark work harder for longer which in turn gives it less chance for survival. I see people get into trouble on 50lb let alone 30lbGood luck
  10. I've got photos of mates hooked up last season on 50lb 50w and sitting with about 150m of line left. 50w is a perfect reel for big sharks. I just got back from grange hooked into a big smoothie on 50lb on a small overhead had 350m of line on it nearly got spooled on its first run. A good quality 50w not only holds 700+ meters of 50lb also has a good drag system to be able to run big drag pressure for large amount of time and not heat up. Buy what you want it's up to you but if you loose a fish of a life time you'll be the one in tears not me.. Every shark fisher I know runs a 50w or 9/0 from l
  11. I would be looking at a 50w and a 15-24, 24kg rod. for land based fishing.Reel wise, i know you would have to be unlucky but the tld50s the reels are made from graphite which is why they are so light which i have seen pictures floating around the net off them smashing apart at the reel seat, but i do believe you would have to be very unlucky. They have fin-nor Santiagos at ray annes for 525 for a 50w, the tld are 400, if you have the cash go the fin-nor if i was you. Mind you if you dont want the added features of the 2speed and bling factor just use your 9/0.24-37kg is too broomstick for me,
  12. sharks shark and more sharks! will be out pillaging the seas of snook on rod and reel for fun and bait! and hopefully learn to find some small school mulloway in the port area.
  13. ekul


    Plenty to be caught at the right place right time, hsv88 proved you can get big fish last year in the upper parts of the port river, why wouldnt they be along the rocks? A friend going back 4 years ago caught a 9kg snapper off the observation platform.good luck
  14. plenty of carp to be caught in the wetlands, caught plenty, one of my friend fly fishes for them in there
  15. went down to southport today at the mouth not even a touch! didnt even see one get caught.last year saw alot of birds hitting baitfish at the end of outer harbor rock wall the salmon pushed them up caught a couple upto 41cm good fun on 2lb! really want to get onto some this year.Uploaded with ImageShack.usedit: dont know if its common or not but saw a whale off selicks about 200m out.
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