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  1. These recipes sound amazing! We have heaps of crab meat in the deep freezer that I boiled up in my secret stock. It's been another fantastic bluey season this summer! Will have to give these recipes a go 😊
  2. Your FIL's recipe sounds tasty FROSTONE1. I ended up cooking the pasta dish, which turned out amazing. I used onion, garlic, tomatoes, chilli, wine, chicken stock and a small amount of fresh herbs. Mixed it through fettuccine and chucked a bit of Parmesan and parsley on top. Put me in the good books! Gonna prep the rest as calamari dusted in a mild curry powder, flour and S&P.
  3. The missus has caught a few squid today for dinner. I was thinking of doing a tomato, chilli, herb and wine pasta and just chuck chunks of squid in. Anyone have a better idea for a recipe? Cheers