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First rainbow trout of the season.

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Finally one of my regular rivers had dropped to a level that was safe for wading, it was still a little higher than I preferred. The water temperature was up to 11 degrees as well, much better than the six degrees that's it been on. Even though the trout were a little scarce it was good to get onto a couple of nice rainbows, my first for the season. Thanks for watching..





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4 hours ago, doobie said:

Always good to start the season of with a few trout.

A couple of rainbows over the 1/2 kg mark is also a nice start.

(hope your back is going ok too)


Thanks Guys, 

yes, the back is holding up at this stage doobie, slow and easy is what I've been doing at this stage..



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Thanks guys, 

Tinker, it's like everything I have my good days and bad days, the good  days, weather permitting I get to hop in a river. The bad days I stay home and sulk.. 😀 We've had a lot of rain down here ( & still are) and the rivers are still running too high, all the Hydro Dams are spilling at the moment so it will be some time before the larger rivers drop to a safe wading level.  Lets hope your're soon back there fishing too, a bit of bait fishing is still good for the soul..👍

Kelvin, the colours of those rainbows was the best I've seen in them for a couple of seasons now..



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