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  1. Thanks guys for your kind thoughts. very much appreciated, i will be fine... I'll finish of with a wild sunset with it snowing a long way off to the left of the photo... cheers Adrian..
  2. Thanks Lofty, yes I remember the suffering you've gone through mate and the trouble you're still having to put up with.. it can also put a lot of pressure on those around you as well when we have those off days with it.. Another dumping of snow on the Bluff again last night and a few other places around the state, none here in Sheffield thankfully.. still damn cold here though.. 4.9 degrees at 11:55 am.. cheers Adrian
  3. Thanks Bjorn, yes the cold weather doesn't help at all.. it's going to be 6 degrees max here in Sheffield tomorrow, wind chill will make it feel like minus three degrees. .. so I won;t be going outside at all.. cheers Adrian
  4. Thanks doobie, it's all a long way off at this stage and I know I will benefit from it when it's done.. Hip replacements are pretty common now days and are very successful.. it's the back operation that I'm not all that keen on.. In saying that I am only going by what the doctor said & it will be quite some time before I get to see a surgeon to see what he comes up with, he may turn around and do nothing (as I'll be 76 by then) or find a simple solution.. I've lived with chronic back pain since 1972, waiting a couple more years won't matter all that much, so I'll still squeeze quite a few more trips to the rivers over the waiting time. . cheers Adrian..
  5. I'm hoping once the weather settles down I'll be back in a river chasing trout, I'm not pushing myself this early in the season like I normally do..So there's no trout fishing for me yet, I had an appointment this afternoon to be assessed to see how soon I can see a orthopedic surgeon for hip replacements & lower back (L3,L4 & L5 discs) surgery.. Have been given the okay for a visit to the orthopedic surgeon for the hips which will be around twelve months time. As for the back, well that's going to be assessed another time down the track to see another surgeon.. Not in a hurry for the back surgery as they said it may result in three discs being removed & steel rods inserted plus a twelve month recovery.. I'll be trying to hold off on that operation for sure.. I'll just have to be more selective where I fish in a river this season, trouble is the easy to get to waters never hold trout.. My doctor is finally back from overseas so I'll be paying him a few visits for a dose of injections again... There was a nice dumping of snow overnight on Black Bluff with more forecast, very clear skies up this was tonight too.. more likely a heavy frost than snow here at this stage. Here's a photo I took this morning from the back yard, I'd sooner it had been a few photos of some trout.. cheers Adrian