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  1. As you can see by the title, this trip was on April fools day.. it turned out to be a reasonable fast water spin session too.. * video is 1080HD too, you may have to change your settings to suit. * cheers Adrian
  2. This article will hopefully be of some help to those of you who chase trout in the rivers & streams there in South Aust, the tactics I use here in Tasmania are the same that I taught myself when I started trout fishing there in the Finness, Light, Torrens, Okanparinga & Sturt Rivers as well as Sixth Creek plus a few other small streams. The only difference to back then when I first started trout fishing (mid1960's) is the tackle is way better now days.. cheers Adrian Adrian's Trout Kit plus... I was asked sometime ago if I could run through my trout kit from head to
  3. Thanks doobie, I hope I have as good a 2022/23 trout season too as I'm going for 17 years in a row for most trout caught in rivers and streams.. cheers Adrian
  4. This is one of my early trips of the 2021/22 trout season back in November, it was in one of my favorite small streams that I love to fish. Hope you enjoy the video & thanks for watching.. Only 20 days to go now before the 2022/23 trout season opens.. cheers Adrian (meppstas)
  5. It was sad to hear about the cattle with their broken backs, yes a chainsaw may be a handy item too.. Then again, some of those trees are massive, maybe a rope & grapple may come in handy.
  6. Thanks doobie, talking about fallen trees, we had a massive storm pass through our area a couple of weeks ago with winds up to 185 kph, hundreds of large gum trees down every where. I was talking to the land owner the other day and he said I will have some fun fishing the 4 kms of the small stream on his property when the season opens on 6th August. He had to put five cattle down that had broken backs from trees that toppled down on them. On the way home I saw plenty of trees down in the open areas in the paddocks, so I can imagine what I'm in for when I do hit the small streams again. It will
  7. Just as the title reads, this is a video I put together on the rewards one can get from fishing small streams and it doesn't have to be in Tasmania either. As most of you know it was in South Australia where I first started out chasing trout in small streams back in the late 60's. I hope you enjoy the video.. cheers Adrian
  8. I don't know if those of you who fish the smaller rivers etc have this site set on your computer, I thought it may be of some use to those who fish the freshwater rivers/streams. It will give you the rivers heights that may be helpful, it's the same one I use for the rivers here in Tasmania.. Take note height etc of the day you fish one of these rivers, it will come in handy to know when the level is most suited for fishing and may save a long drive after a heavy dose of rain, or even better a worthy drive if the water level is at the ideal height for fishing. cheers Adria
  9. Wow!! you certainly have a mix of some interesting lures there, most of which I've never seen before.. cheers Adrian
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