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  1. This was one of my best trips fishing the fast waters of the Meander River during the 2023/24 trout season. Fastwater fishing is never easy and every trout that's caught is very well earned, it's tough but it can also be very rewarding as well. cheers Adrian
  2. This trip was back in January before the Cormorants hit the rivers here in big numbers, as the title states 5 from 9, trout few and far between was spot on.. There's also a few photos from the spin session below the YouTube video as well.. cheers Adrian (meppstas)
  3. Meppstas

    Anyone know

    As Kelvin stated, Savage Gravity lures Micky, saw these on Ebay $10-50 each. cheers Adrian
  4. I meant to put this short six minute musical photo slideshow with the photo books a couple of days ago.. I kept it short as not to send the viewers to sleep, the original video runs for 20 minutes.. It was hard working out what photos to use as I had so many, there's probably (& there is) a lot more good photos that I could have added, but one has to stop somewhere don't they. I will have 101 videos "My Rivers & Fish" (when I put 98, 99, 100 & 101 together) that go back a long time, and boy has the rivers/streams changed over those years with the many floods that we've had in that
  5. Thanks Bjorn & Des, it's something I like to do at the end of each trout season, always to look back on when I can't fish the rivers/streams in the near future.. I have 15 seasons of photo books now.. cheers Adrian
  6. With the trout season now closed for three months I went ahead and did my yearly photo books of the rivers/stream & trout that I caught & released throughout the season. Seeing as I took over 2,500 photos during the trout season I had to keep it to two medium size books as well as keeping the cost to a reasonable one. The good thing is that I held of until Snapfish had a 70% off which included extra pages. Here's a few photos from both books, there's also a short 6 minute video musical photo slideshow on my YouTube channel as well, details at the bottom of the photos.. chee
  7. Meppstas


    A great write up as always Des with plenty of tips etc.. Quite few decent fish caught and some nice feeds to be had too.. cheers Adrian
  8. Thanks guys, certainly very lucky down here with the scenery & beautiful rivers/stream to fish. Over the last three months the rivers/streams and even the highland lakes have been over run with Cormorants. The rivers/streams that I fish are now scarce on trout, in fact several small streams have been cleaned out. I spent a couple of hours in the Mersey River yesterday and never spotted a trout at all, this time last year the trout were plentiful in the Mersey. Our trout season closes tomorrow (28th April) for three months, touch wood, hopefully there will be some recovery over the next thr
  9. This was my only trip to the Leven River so far this season, it hasn't fished all that well over the past couple of seasons but i thought it was time to give it a go before the season closes. cheers Adrian..
  10. Brilliant report/article & photos Des, plenty of great info as well.. Those flatties were a good size, mouth watering actually.. Thanks for another ripper trip Des,, cheers Adrian
  11. This trip was early on in the season, a spin session when the trout went from one lure to another. It turned out to be quite a good spin session as well with some beautifully coloured wild brown trout being caught & released. cheers Adrian (meppstas)
  12. Hi Mick, I'm slowing down a little of late due to the lower back getting worse, I'm sure I'll try to put in as many trout season as possible to each those numbers too. I doubt there would be all that many trout fisher's that would have caught 98% of their trout on the Mepps inline blade spinners either, nowadays most of them are using soft plastics and hard body lures. I find it very challenging when fishing for trout with a inline blade spinner. I do carry a mixed supply of small (30-60 mm) hard body lures with me & I have used them from time to time and done reasonably well on them. As f
  13. Thanks Yorky sorry for the late reply, as you know I do love chasing trout in the rivers and it's always a pleasure to share my trout fishing adventures with you all.. cheers Adrian
  14. Thanks Ryback, I felt I'd done it all when I reached my 10,000th trout back on the 3rd Nov.2019, I never thought about reaching this number until I caught my 11,000th trout on the 14th Jan.2022 then I knew I was in with a chance of doing so. At 79 years (in Feb 24) of age I'm not sure how many trout seasons I have left in me, the large rivers here are pretty tough on the body that's for sure. cheers Adrian..
  15. I finally caught my 12,000th Tasmanian trout here in Tassie, it's something I had never planned on doing either thankfully by keeping stats & records of each trip and every trout season paid off. I also won the Angling Club Championship again for the 2022/23 trout season for most trout caught in rivers & streams making it 17 years in a row. cheers Adrian
  16. I would take it to an auctioneer for evaluation first and see if they're interested in putting it up for auction, if not Ebay, Gumtree would be best.. not keen on using Facebook at all. cheers Adrian
  17. That's a great article Des and very helpful to those who venture the tidal flats that's for sure. I for one got caught out on an incoming tide off Port Gawler many, many years ago while fishing for Flathead, had to swim across a few deep gutters, wasn't feeling all that comfortable crossing them either. cheers Adrian
  18. Thanks Greg, it was tough that's for sure, it was a good hatch of Caddis Moths too, one of the best one for a season or two as well. We don't seem to get the big insect hatches like we used to years ago which is a shame..Here's a photo of a massive Dun hatch back in November 2009, never seem one like since..The air was full of then as was the water surface.. cheers Adrian
  19. This spin session was a tough one, conditions were pretty good, but the trout were hard to find, I still managed to get onto a few wild brown trout thanks to the Mepps March Brown Bug spinner. Thanks for watching, enjoy the musical photo slideshow at the end of the video and stay safe on/in the water.. cheers Adrian (meppstas) A few pics from the spin session.. as always, all the trout were released..
  20. Meppstas

    3lb brown

    I'm sure that won't be a problem there at all, there's plenty of large trout to be had in NSW, all the best on the move too.. cheers Adrian
  21. Meppstas

    3lb brown

    That's a lovely well conditioned brown Hunter, beautifully coloured fish too, a job well done mate.. cheers Adrian
  22. For all of the Vegemite lovers like me and have been since I was a kid, here's a photo that I took this morning of a jar of Vegemite out of the kitchen cupboard and did a bit of photo shop work on it. I can remember as a kid having Vegemite on toast for breakfast, Vegemite broth with bread in it, then when I was older and a little hungover in the mornings, a Vegemite & tomato sandwich did the trick. I still have a Vegemite broth from time to time too... cheers Adrian
  23. Thanks Booma, it was good to see the trout were back in this little river, 2016 we had a record flood that wiped out 5 road bridges on the Mersey River as well as flooding the whole Merseylea area where over 300 dairy cattle were washed away. The Mersey River rose 7.5 metres in 2016. When things finally settled down I managed to get a few photos of the damage on the Mersey River, it wasn't good either. Thankfully we've only had one other flood since then.. cheers Adrian
  24. This trip was to a small river just five minutes from home, this stretch of river was one I used to fish quite often until the record floods back in 2016. That flood really knocked the guts out of this little stream as did another one back in 2022, this trip I wanted to see if the trout had returned in this stretch of river. cheers Adrian (meppstas)
  25. That they are Micky, I may have to have a break from trout fishing and go whiting fishing..
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