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  1. Just a few pics from the last 4/5 seasons. Never used to take pics before then. I never thought for a minute anybody would ever be interested in seeing what I caught each year.
  2. Some old Murray River pics and a couple of others. Sorry, I have no pics of all my snapper at Whyalla from the 80's or my mulloway from Torrens Island in the 90's. Also none of any in the 60's and 70's local. We used to catch so much of everything! Such a shame no pics....but lots of memories!!!
  3. If you are looking for bream on the jetties, try Henley or Grange. Always heaps of bigger ones under the jetty and swimming around the pylons in the shallows. If your lucky you might get to see the dolphins come in and chase the bream around the pylons....bugger me they can move fast...incredible to watch! Same time you can catch yellowfin, same running sinker rig. They will take worms no probs. Otherwise, yeah West Lakes and I have caught quite a few bigger bream at Tennyson too over the years. I went for a walk tonight just after sunset just to watch all the rakers....taking any size crabs as usual! But I did see out past the second sand bar where I was walking, 2 of, over a meter long Mulloway just cruising along. I once saw a monster mulloway in the shallows at Henley jetty just chasing bait fish. Good luck on your mission lol!