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  1. Hard to find any upto date data. Looks like just the stock reports from SARDI At least the references are listed Microsoft Word - Marine Scalefish Fishery Assessment Report 2020 - Post PIRSA 24 April final_js_MS_SM_DL.docx King George Whiting 2020 (fish.gov.au)
  2. Wow 2 on one lure is pretty special
  3. Nice work Des Thats an impressive flounder I'm still waiting to get my first metro Yellowfin. I've seen one or two but they are not schooling up yet
  4. Interesting. Must be the smell and oil content Today is burley making day for me. I'm about to a heap of redfin scraps and small redfin into burley blocks
  5. Small yabbies work well for bream and Snapper also love prawns. I would have thought they would work well for snapper and potentially hold on the hook a bit better than pilchard. Did you try whole yabbies or just the tails? Any bigger snapper?
  6. Maybe just try metro Westbeach, Henley or Glenelg. See how you handle a 1m swell and 15 knots and build up your skills first. Make sure you can get back on board if you fall out in deep water. Even metro can be uncomfortable when the swell is building and there is a big shore dump to negotiate. Coorong is fine in most weather conditions. Just watch out near the mouth as the current can be strong. The bluff and behind granite island is doable depending on conditions, but get your skills up first. The Kayak 2 Fish Next Gen looks reasonable. They are big and wide which gives stab
  7. How much kayak fishing and ocean kayaking experience do you have? What Kayak? It can be pretty big water out there. You would want to pick your day and be experienced in deep water reentry and surf launching. Coorong is much easier and more sheltered for the yak.
  8. Sriracha mayo is my go to sauce for all seafood
  9. It only really fishes well if the water is clear. It is also easier with no wind or an offshore breeze. Low tide, fish to the right so you can get out to the far rocks. Fishing to the left can also be ok as the squid can be close in the weed in about 2 to 3m depth. I've pulled quite a few from the Yak there within 20m of shore.
  10. If you know exactly where in Westlakes they you have a reasonable chance of getting it back. I agree with Soobz, for the price of that gear, try to find someone with Scuba, or even a wetsuit and snorkel if it is not too deep. I just took a handline the first few times I fished from my Yak. Like others have said, I mainly use cheaper gear from the Yak just in case. I've had a good run with the KastKing Sharky reels and run them almost exclusively for my kayak use. They have taken a fair bit of salt spray and get a quick rinse when I get home and are still reasonably smooth. Like mos
  11. (1) DUEL Squid jig pheromone skin egi - YouTube
  12. the flash boost looks good. I've yet to try them. I'm waiting for someone to bring back the pheromone skin jigs. I've still got 2 that I'm too nervous to use.
  13. Kelvin

    Knot help please

    If you find the FG too tricky, then the slim beauty is abit easier. I also like the Kaneit knot with 20lb to 50lb leader. Reel Territory - Posts | Facebook
  14. Landbased, look for the ink spots on the jetty. Technique is almost as important as location. You want to keep your jig within 1m to 2m of the bottom while minimizing snags. Much easier from a kayak or boat
  15. Cairns - Interstate Fishing Reports - Strike & Hook (strikehook.com)
  16. I've got a 5 piece Lox travel rod. I've taken it to Queensland a few times and once to WA. It fishes PE 2 with enough length for land based casting. Light enough to use for bream and garfish but enough power for some micro jigging.
  17. If they are not biting, I also like to dip the baits in tuna oil or halco catch scent
  18. I enjoy fishing for gar. It is often a challenge of balancing a finesse presentation with just the right amount of burley and right size bait and hook and size of float. Landbased its even more tricky as you need to factor in casting weight to get your rig out a good distance while still showing bites and not tangling. Often I go down to 4lb line and a tiny short shank hook to get the bite. I also like using alternative baits and have had some great success on stuff no one else uses. Silver fish is very popular as a gar bait in Vic and occasionally sold here in tackle stores. Mo
  19. Follow up on Gliss. I've still got it on 1 reel. Abrasion resistance got really bad over time to the point of constant breakages. It looks like most people have found the same and it is going really cheap. WFT Gliss Hybrid Line 150m Yellow Bulk - DINGA Online — DINGA Fishing At $3 a spool I am still giving it a miss.
  20. Good work Larry I have also used squid, scottish kippers and chicken pellets for the yabbies with good success. Carp is also very popular as yabby bait here as you can often catch them onsite.
  21. Seems to be a smaller version of a kontiki. Looks to be ore portable and light enough to deploy on a rod and reel. I saw the ad on late night TV here. Might be abit of fun for salmon and mulloway. There's a few for sale on gumtree
  22. I've bought a few to play with. 3 hooks to keep it legal. Had a go for redfin without any luck so far. They generate a fair bit of drag and need to be fished on heavier gear. 10lb or 15lb. I'll give them another go at some stage.
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