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  1. Cheers for that Kelvin, i might give that a go.
  2. Thanks Kelvin, that's great! did you use a large leather needle for the mono line. My Alvey bag is the heavy duty red one, the nylon/polyester is quite thick, it would be tough to sew i think. Where did you get a large zip to fit the length of the bag? Do you have any photos please that you could share? thank you
  3. Hi all, hoping everyone is enjoying their fishing, there's definitely been some nice spring days to get out for some fishing. I was recently out fishing around Seacliff a few weeks ago, wading around trying for some Garfish and potential whiting. I did get onto a few gar and kgw, and they went straight into the Alvey wading bag. However i did find that when the bigger waves hit, the wading bag would tilt onto it's side and i nearly lost my catch a few times, especially as the water level rose. I had a thought of trying to have the bag closeable with a zip or Velcro. The zip idea seemed mu
  4. Cheers Des, sounds promising. I am really looking forward to giving them a crack this summer, that's for certain. Didn't get onto any last year.
  5. Amazing insight and information Des, and what a great haul of beautiful fish ...well done it all sounds very promising for us keen anglers. Do you think this pattern will also carry through to our metro beaches for YFW?
  6. That's great to hear MAH, I hadn't seen any about at Kingston Park the last few times, heaps of mullet though, schools swimming around in the hundreds.
  7. Nice catch there Des! Some ripper fish...
  8. What are the pheromone skin jigs, I've not heard of them before?
  9. Yes, I agree with that Soobz, they are great jigs and like you said when all the other jigs showed no interest, the flash boost hooked up immediately. I lost mine at Porties , and had to buy another one, be it they are expensive at around $20. I have the orange/ pink colour. If I see them on special I will probably buy another one in different colour.
  10. imfishn


    Do you mind if I ask a question? Do you know if the current bloodworm run affects gar and squid catches, or is it more whiting, bream etc?
  11. imfishn


    Great! Cheers mate
  12. imfishn


    Thanks for that yellowdoor1 I have never tried catching them on lures, but it would be worth having this in the tacklebox, when you run out of bait or if they are finicky, i guess! could be good fun to try out. Thanks again
  13. imfishn


    Hi yellowdoor1, that's a great little soft plastic for gar! can i please ask where you purchased this from. Thanks
  14. imfishn

    Knot help please

    Hi Vogon, with the lighter line i used just hand tension, ensuring the line is wet before final tensioning. I think when i did the heavier line i just wrapped the lines around some small dowel rods 5-6 times and pulled as hard as i could. As others have said in the topic, there are probably better, stronger knots, but I learnt this one a while back and it worked fine.
  15. imfishn

    Knot help please

    Hi Vogon, I have used the same knots as you, the Albright Knot on all my rods, both for light fishing 4lb to 15lb lines, and also for heavier surf rod up to 50lb braid and leader, and it has held up with no problem, without ever unravelling. I have found it the easiest of the knots to tie Braid to leaders, and like yourself tried the Double Uni and FG but never succeeded. The only thing I can think of is whether you are perhaps winding/looping the leader over the Braid, rather than the Braid being wound over the leader ( I hope that makes sense ) I think I made that error once and it unra
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