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    Keeping sounder wires tidy

    I sometimes fish amongst the snags on the Murray and in the mangrove creeks in the salt so I have my transducer cable protected by a short section of aluminium channel that I got from Bunnings. It is secured with 2 stainless steel screws (3mm by memory) with nyloc nuts. You can see the two screws above the water stain line. The self adhesive clip is as others have stated i.e. various types at Jaycar and if you clean the ali prior to sticking them on then they will not come off. If you need stainless steel screws, washers or nyloc nuts that Bunnings don't stock or you don't require a full packet of them then, go to United Fasteners i.e. if you only need 3 or so they normally will not even charge you. Steve
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