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    yellow door 1

    Curse of the Banana

    Originally Posted by yellow door 1 I prefer to believe that observing superstitions, bizarre rituals and voodoo curses are the key to catching fish Claiming out loud, that one particular angler enjoys the company of horses, is a powerful fish catching technique in my local waters. Taking a Swig of "Bream Juice" (diet coke) works well for one angler I know. Repeating the mantra "Cmoooooooonnnnnnn Snapaaahhhh" in the most irritating singing voice you can muster is a guarantee. Another angler I know does special wrist exercises in the morning before every session. Arrogantly naming a location after yourself guarantees action Pulling up the electric and driving off to a new location with out letting your mate finish his retrieve shows you mean business - and the fish at the next spot respect that. If someone suggests a change of location, the only answer to give is "I dont care, I'll catch 'em anywhere" Buying a new rod, reel or boat gets you connected to something good the first time you use it. Never, ever wear any Orange clothing - the bream hate it and so do the Ladies you wave to on the river. Some people fish better with a hang-over and others dont - trial and error over an extended peiod of time is the only way to sort this out. Once you work out, what works for you - stick to it These are just a few truths I have gleaned over the years - they may have no place in tournament angling but then again.....maybe the last time you blanked in a comp was because you were wearing "Orange" undies and you didnt have any "Bream Juice" on board
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    yellow door 1

    Curse of the Banana

    Common explanations include: When top-heavy ships of earlier eras would sink, precious little other than the bananas they’d carried would be found floating on the surface, thereby leaving some to conclude conveyance of the fruit itself had led to these naval mishaps. Spiders, snakes, and other poisonous vermin living among bananas carried in the hold would, on long haul trips, expand their horizons by infesting other parts of the ship. Because the speediest sailing ships were used to get bananas to their destinations before they could spoil, those attempting to fish from them never caught anything while trolling. Fisherman became ill after eating the fruit. Other fruits would spoil more quickly when bananas were being shipped along with them, causing folks to deem bananas “bad luck.” (Actually, it wouldn’t have been ill fate that resulted in the spoilage of other foodstuffs, but instead the ethylene gas emitted by bananas as they ripen.) Crew member injured by slipping on discarded banana peels. Fisherman misses landing the big one due to a case of “the runs” caused by bananas he’d ingested. Banana oil rubs off onto the hands of fisherman, thereby “spooking” the fish. Early anglers in Hawaii would embark upon lengthy fishing trips in dugout canoes provisioned with (along with other food items) bananas. The farther they went, the fewer the fish, causing some of them to mistake correlation for causation.
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    Thunder Heat Elite Shark DeHooker

    @Aussie Dave yeah im hoping to do the SWR trip this year/season sharks don't bother me, i seem to catch my fair share of toothies, i did purchase a shark shield this year and adapted it to run off my 17.5 Ah kayak battery, after talking to minni in portland about near misses and it has also been heavily discussed in vyak at times, but yeah it all about the release, how to release them with no injuries to them or myself a lot of my fishing is done with circle hooks so it's a matter or cutting the line as close as possible to the hook count your fingers after it's done lol
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