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Fish recipes

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Guest shagging

Was just reading a thread on smoking fish, and thought it would be a good idea to put up a thread on some fancy recipes on cooking fish, so can anyone share some nice fish dishes? :):) "Barbeque snapper ingredients"1) 1 hole snapper2) 2 hole lemons3) black pepper4) one hole chilli5) rock salt6) rosemary twigg7) basil8) parsley9) olive oil10) wistershire sauce11) garlic12) lemon rindWhole snapper gutted on a piece of foil that can be folded over ,rubsalt and pepper all over fish, then make some slices on top of body to fill with garlic, lemon slices, parsley, and basil, then make a marrinade starting with olive oil, wistershire sauce, lemom juice, white wine, a little lemon rind, diced chilli and brush the top of the fish with the rosemary twigg, then the rest of the marinade in the stomach including the rosmary twigg, make sure the foiled fish is air tight!. cook for no more than ten minutes on each side depending on size over a high heat barbeque.I usualy serve it over mash potato in winter, or a garden salad in summer with a glass of white wine!Enjoy :):)

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