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  1. Cheers for the link mate, i did have a quick search but i was on my phone so i thought it might be quicker to make a new topic. i was at adrossan last week to see my pop and went for a fish in rogues but i only managed 2 yfw, really windy and weedy so planning on heading to the jetty for a few squid and after reading that post i might try for a mullie.
  2. G'day, planning to head over to the yorke on Wednesday and Thursday, depending on the wind direction I'll either be going to adrossan or port Hughes/moonta. Aiming for some squid and yellowfin, gar, ST, any idea where is biting? I know it's going to be a dodge tide so I'll be on either jetty, what bait and what species?
  3. thanks mate, i didnt think of that but it will help a lot because i just got a tool box from Repco which has a tub that connects with wheels so if i can attach new wheels on ill be laughin
  4. Gday, just wondering if everybody has any ideas to make the ideal fishing cart or buggy for use on the beach. I had an old handheld golf buggy that i use as a fishing cart with bed slats as a base and i try to stack everything as compact as i can. getting to the water is no problem at all, my issue is getting it back because i get lazy and just throw everything on there and my gear either makes its way under or over the occy strap.Also what are good cheapish wheels to use? i am looking at balloon wheels, any other suggestions?Cheers