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Gifted Vintage Lures/Flies/Spoons/Spinners etc...

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I rocked up to work this morning to find a bag full of mainly 50's 60's lures on my desk.... to say I was appreciative is an understatement and truthfully haven't seen half the styles before so a great step back in time.Interestingly enough, some of the markings are from Japan, France and Melbourne with some showing Patent details or patent pending so someone obviously though it was going to make them someone money once.Some of the designs are very out there and come in some of the most unusual spinning designs I have every seen.Waiting on the camera to charge but thought I would drop a couple of names to see if anyone is familiar with them knowing the calibre (and age) of some of the members here...Chameleon by Sydenham (in original Fresco Lure box with instructions on how to make it swim left or right and interchangeable coloured bibs)Wonder WoblersTillin Spoons and I think a Tillin Devons (metal)Mitchell Spinners from FranceThere was also a Kmart Fly box with all original unused flies, in fact I doubt any of the lure have seen water.Some of the other plastic flies are out there as well in cricket shapes, ants, frogs, grubs, shrimpAnyway, I'll throw some pics up when I can but thought it may interest some of you.

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