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  2. okk an update....layed some eppoxy on tonight and rod is slowly turning to dry....may ot be the neatest job around but looks ok for a first attempt....question though...THE ERSKINS EPOXY IM USING LOOKS GOOD...TOOK A TIP I FOUND ON A DVD ABOUT BUILDING RODS AND ADDED 10 DROPS OF ACETONE....MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE....NO BUBBLES AT ALL AND THE EPPOXY WENT ON REAL EASY....CAN THE SAME STUFF BE USED ON THE BLANK ITSELF? MAINLY TO TIDY THE ROD UP A BIT TO SMOOTH OUT SOME OF THE SCRATCHES THAT HAPPEN WHEN ROCK FISHING.....????
  3. i kid you not....maybe someone else from whyalla will find this post and confirm it...we were not the only one doing it....in fact...there was an epesode on tv with shane mensforth catching them i believe....dont know what bait he used though....
  4. cheers buds......the rod is progression nicely....if i didnt just a do a night shift i could be ready for glue today....but cant see strsight now......all i want to see are zzzzzzzzzzz's flying around the room.
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    this is why i use cuttlefish instead of cockles for whiting bait.....far better I.M.H.O. and is a bit tougher to get off the hook.
  6. this will take some beating...where i work at onesteel whyalla they have a pumphouse.....when the kingfish escape from the pens around near fitzgerald bay we seem to get a few of them turn up at the pumphouse....these are not normal kingfish...they dont like food.serious....throw a hand full of gravel in there and they go nuts...(sounds like pellets hitting the water...their stable diet)...we have tried pillies,cuttley,squid and just about anything and everything....we had a bit of succeess on honey sausages(raw) but they thing they really wanted the most was....wait for it....EARPLUGS.... i kid you not.this happened by accident one night...a ship was in port and we were having a look at the kingies....the ship started to sound his horn...which is friggin loud at 4am,and 10mtres away...we all got earplugs out,and someone dropped one in the water....it got hit instantly...we looked on in amasement. before you could say a word a hook was over the side with a green and yellow earplug attached and yep ..sure enough...6 kings were landed......
  7. i was told if you were only making 1 or 2 rods just to make up some rollers to turn by hand.mine are made from steel base plate with a couple of pieces of flat steel welded to it and rollers cut out of electrical backboard with a hole saw. the rollers after cutting out were bolted together and put into a lathe and skimmed down to make them exactly the same size and also for smoothness....im off to work butwill post a pic in morning....
  8. many thanks on the tips.....the erskines epoxy you mentions is the type i have...great idea using the 2 syringes....the fishing shop was very helpfull in that regard supplying the glue and thread.cept they only had the light blue or purple....i never would have thought many people actually do this but was told they sell a fair bit of the thread.....must be some massochists out there...why anyone would do this for fun has got me beat.i can get the loan of a rod turner to rotate while it dries so will do so...original idea was to take too work and put in a lathe and slowly turn it.but the battery operated device seems the way to go.im trying to do the best job i can but i dont really have the patience...as long as first cast i dont have eyes going wayward is good enough for me.cheers to all.
  9. im also looking for a bit of advice for the tip eye....its a new one that was put on by a shop ,but the glue they use is for a better word....SHIT..they use a candle like stick thats melted and dripped on then eye is shoved on ..when dry it SHOULD set...but a dog has more grip on lino than this rubbish does.....this is the 3rd eye they have put on for me,and they ALL spin......should i put an underwrap under the tip than a wrap OVER the tip as well? or just superglue the tip on. ???
  10. my 18yr old snyderglas 8 wrap is finally giving up the ghost...the thread around eyes is falling apart....so im having a go at repairing it....this is the first time ive tackled anything like this so advice(good or bad) is welcomed please...the red is electrical tape to hold the eye in place while i wrap it in blue....i also put an underwrap in black as it never had one before....it may not be the neatest job but will it work are the thoughts im after from the pics....the finish around the rod itself is getting a bit beat u as well....the opoxy im using for the eyes...can it also be brushed onto the blank itself? one hell of a job....who ever builds custom rods has my respect.....the rod is far too good to throw away.... this has caught some very nice snapper and tangled with some huge rays and toothey fish that i havnt had a chance of slowing let alone turning....if it works out ok i will redo my snyderglas 7wrap onepice rod as well....