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  1. nice fish..love the name of the dog, CRACKER.....
  2. agrred...leave it alone.. ive got an old butterworth 2 piece in 12ft lentgh...its my loner rod if anybody doenst have a rod... i just snyderglas, like most of my brothers, cept for one, whos a butterworth user... they almost identical though, and some of the new stuff just doesnt cut it with the old rods sadly
  3. i got it sent to me... who knew you could play with a shark like that.. definatly wouldnt recomend it with a whitey though
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=WK2LpUoqX6A&vq=medium
  5. certainly is, and im so glad she went with a cuddy cab, rather than a half cab... hell WHEN I GO IN IT I WANT LOTS OF ROOM bhahahahahahaahaha
  6. i had a look at some boats in adealdie a few weks ago, and believe me fellas,, for the price she paid for this unit, SHE STOLE IT.....well done lass...
  7. ok, some new pics sent to me, hope these are bigger....
  8. sorry peeps.. cant make them bigger for some reason...
  9. juney, email me them pics again, and i will host them on a bigger scale for you
  10. well done for sure... ive seen the other pics you emailed me, and it certainly looks VERY well cared for indeed...
  11. rocknev

    Chest Waders

    hahaha, thing i noticed with waders is , when wearing shorts, THEY TEND TO RIP THE HAIRS OUT FOR YOUR LEGS WHEN YOUR SWEATY hahaha, so i wear footy socks, and pull them over up above my knees... hahaha, it also stops them from getting bunched up in the boot.
  12. rocknev

    Chest Waders

    ive also been told the neoprene are pretty good... nice and warm they say
  13. rocknev

    Chest Waders

    the original dimple boots that came with the hornes, are incredibley comfy.. put them on and WOW... almost as good as slippers...
  14. rocknev

    Chest Waders

    im on my 4th set of waders... can only advise STAY AWAY FROM THE CHEAPIES...they are cheap for a reason is what ive found.. im not going to bag others brands but will say im more than happy with my HORNES waders.. i paid from memory, $179 and are custom made to my size.. ( read lardarse )mine cop a lot of abuse on the rocks, and havnt let me down yet, (cept for the original dimple boots which gained a tiny split in the wole meaning a wet sock)the boots on mine were changed under warrenty, and now i have thicker tougher chem boots to handle the sharp rocks..the starps are strong, ( unlike some others which ive had break)and they are made in south australia..you can buy a pair off the rack, or size yourself up and get the custom made set which i did...with waders, its best to go a couple of sizes too big, as when wearing in winter, i like to rug up as best i can for the 4am rock hops...if you havn't wore waders before, you will soon find, if your going in too deep, the incredible water pressure will squeeze your legs so hard,thats after a while, you will have to go in shallow to allow some blood back into them... , but small price to pay for keeping warm and dry....
  15. a few lads from adelaide came down once, to fish the rocks with me and ltfish...first time i had seen a tuff tackle reel... certainly looked nice, bait runner in the large size, but it didnt last long.on only its 2nd cast, when trying to wind in, the owner got snagged.. ( happenes often on the stones) fulll lock up of the drag, and walk backwards with rod straight to break the line, but SPROING... the reel let go.took it back to camp, and ltfish and myself pulled it apart for a look see... TOTALLY destroyed, with all the bearings floating free inside, snapped this, snapped that.....sort of made me wont to go out and buy one for sure.... NOT....
  16. bg fish for sure, i wonder if they taste as ice as the normal size.. im thinking they be like old boots
  17. gday nate and welcome, alvey all the way for me... as mentioned,an MT8144 from snyderglas or an older butterworth with an alvey is a perfect match imho..., i have 3 alveys, with my latest being bought 2 weeks ago brand new,,,it feels exaclty the same as my 25 vintage alveys, and yep, can swap parts if need be...the new one sounds a bit different though, more high pitched, but still that great sound...i swear by them, so does my brother who uses the same combo, as does another brother also with the snyder/650c, and yet another brother with butterworths and alveys X2, as mentioned, an oval for a fling without hooks is a great idea, its how i learnt to cast them, but unlike most, instead of trapping the line with my thumb, i use my index finger...my snyderglas mt8144 , is currently getitng a birthday, with new thread work im doing, ( which is taking longer than i would like as almost done, and i decided i didnt like the gold thread, ) so ive gone back to my COME ERE rod, which is a mt 7w 153.... BEAST of a rod... must say, if i ever hook onto ANYTHING big, this rod will bring it in, without breaking a sweat, ( i will let go before it does, ) have had a few xxxxos eagle rays bend it double, and the old alvey( 651 deep spool holding 1000mtrs of 25lb line) just wont quit...couple of yrs ago, on the west coast, a rouge wave took my brothers alvey and snyder away when it receded... it popped up again about 10 mins later, having been bashed and crashed, fully submerged and rolling around in sand and salt water...being an alvey, hell just rinse it off, and carry on fishing... and he did, for another 5 hrs without a hint of a noise out of place...my pb snapper with the old alvey, was a shade under 12kg ( my profile pic) and the pb for the new alvey was yesterday, pulling cert scaled down to 7.1kg.they no longer make butterworths, but you may find the odd one for sale at garage sales, or swap meets...same deal with snyderglas, no longer made as such, but i believe WILSON now make snyderglas rods, and are available as new rods.. dont think they have the fuji guides thoughas mentioned, down low on the butt is where an alvey belongs, with the first LARGE eye roughly in the middle of the rod... make sure you find a rod with the little retaining clip near the reel seat, thats a must, it holds the line after casting, and keeps it running along the rodat a better angle..believe me, NO greater sound will be heard from any reel when that alvey screams... fancy a sleep? ure go for it, you have a built in alarm that sounds like a friggen growl ... love that sound....,i prefer a star drag, others like the lever drag... each to there own, but i would personally stay clear of the B series, they dont have the anti rewind in them... and yeah, SOME SORE KNUCKLES ARE JUST WATING if that reel spins backwards...they also make a 2 speed alvey, with one turn of the handle, roughly twice as much retrieve as an abu7000 overhead...they dont take long to master, and once you have, sailing a big bait, little bait, unweighted bait, or even a float out will come pretty easy...to top it off? new alvey i bought has a 5yr warrenty, cant think of another reel offhand that will do that, and its aussie made.... love my alveys, and they will always be my weopan of choice, about the only thin i can fault, is for lure casting, it does get tiring with the 1:1 ratio, but must be remembered one turn is using Pi, not too bad in distance.. , and the weight factor, which is easily taken care of with an alvey rod bucket..., which i wear, to stick the butt into when catching or winding in.... this reminds me actually, the old 651 might be due for a bit of an oil and grease.... hasnt been rinsed of oiled for around 5 yrs or so, but its still running silky smooth, so might just leave it be....alveys aint for everyone, but everyone i know whos using them , swears by them... the biggest fish ive seen landed with an alvey 650c, and a snyderglas rod? a 78lb mullaway from yalata about 5 yrs ago... that combo is in its role, and loving every minute of it....
  18. ok.. im game..., 1st fish, my first and still heaviest boat snapper..13.2kg on the nose..my largerst ever salmon, went 3.9kg gutted and clean.my largest ever land based snapper.. a tad under 12kg.
  19. certainly dont get many of them to the kilo....
  20. i cant lay claim to it, my bro in law got it at lucky bay near cowell, 55cm
  21. yeah i hear ya... my bro hit one on the way to broken hill a few yrs ago... he was lucky as he just glanced it.he said it took a long time to get into the air, and he just clipped it... but didnt kill it.. i just love seeing them.. i sat there for 15 mins i reckon until he flew off further away