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  1. What are everyone doing for their Christmas fishing adventures?I'll be with my crew at Pine Point.
  2. I was thinking sliding doors may be more functional, so you suggest an access height of 3.5 mtrs? Maybe an Ameican barn style may be better.
  3. ohh and places to avoid or use?
  4. Hi PeoplesI'm in the process of building a holiday home. Part of this I wish to build a shed. But I want to plan for the future when one day I may get a bigger boat eg 6-7 metres.Taking this into account. What height should make life comfortable? 3.6 metres? Shed width of 9 metres to house a couple of cars and boat be alright?Anything I should take into account?I was thinking a 9 metre wide by 12 metre deep shed, with an access door 3.6 high and sliding doors rather than roller doors? Clearance 3.1 metres?
  5. Afternoon peoplesI want a new fillet knife what are peoples recommendation. I want an alrounder and a specific for Gar, excluding sharpened bone handled knives.Where can they be purchased?cheersrick
  6. I have a designated freezer for my fishing stuff, but you are right I still don't want it going bust on me.I already had the father in law unplug it for me once, making all my fishing burley go quite smelly
  7. A client whilst doing tax yesterday mentioned when he harvested some tubies, he would put them in metho for 10 minutes, then pat them dry and store them in a freezer with sea salt.I was considering getting some seaweed worms whilst at the Yorke Peninsula this weekend and wondered if anyone new if the same technique would apply to these worms also? As I want to store some for the up coming YFW season.As for tubies. If I was too look for them at Port Gawler or at the Power station, how would I identify them as I have never tried to get my own before?Thanks for any tips, BTW the site looks good, nice to be here.