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  1. I've taken the kayak out a few times in the creek there and never had a problem with my car. Not to say it doesnt happen though, seen a few burnt out wrecks but think as was said earlier probably just stolen cars from the suburbs and not people going out there looking for a car to burn. I guess they might decide to burn 2 though once they get out there. Great spot, some deep holes further up the creek. Only weird guy i met out there was a vietnam vet who came up and asked me if I had ever had sex standing up in the kayak. Said no and he replied "Me either but tried it on a long board once..." Not sure he was all there but would like to know how he managed that.
  2. Now I am by no means a hippie and I defineatly could not go a whole month without meat. However I do feel uncomfortable at times with some of our farming methods and the broader impact of producing food. So for the month of april I am gonna do something about it. I'm only gonna eat free range meat, no beef, pork or lamb (will be an "out" later on that I will explain). I will eat vegetables and fruit but no rice grown in australia.I will still eat whatever is served up to me when I go to eat at someone's house (don't wanna be rude) and if we go out for a meal i will eat whatever too as it seems a bit hard and I don't wanna be the guy asking if the chicken is free range. I can eat any fish I have caught myself but not bought seafood as most of the fishing methods used by pro's are questionable at best.I guess that means I'll have to go fishing more (what a shame) and I can also eat kangaroo and some other game meats as I beleive they are far better and mostly wild caught/shot. I'll get off my soapbox now but if anyone has any comments or if they have done something similar let me know as I would love to hear from you.thanks guys
  3. I always get mine from an Asian grocer around the corner from me, onion bags too. Onion bags make cheap burley bags and if they get munched by a hungry bronZie (or bigger) it's no big deal.
  4. my uncle is importing harleys and muscle cars from the us and even after spending the money getting them shipped and compliant he still makes a tidy profit. Unbelievable how cheap all kinds of vehicles are over there. Even better now the financial side of things have gone down the drain for them. If your shipping includes a rail journey make sure it is packed in there well and it is well insured though. I have spent enough time around loading and unloading trains to know how "gentle" Those guys can be.
  5. I did have a spreadsheet going but then my computer crashed and I lost everything. Never started again... Had everything from moon phase to barometric pressure and everything in between. Even had graphs so I could try and work out the best times to target certain species. Really should start it again but its a couple of years befor you start to see some patterns emerging. Bit hard to get motivated to start again.
  6. agree with fishnuts, but it still stinks that you should have to do that. Tell the club that if it doesn't improve you wont be renewing your membership and get the other members that use the ramp to do the same. It may not matter to those that moor their boats but enough people leaving the club should matter. If it doesn't matter well then whats the point of being in the club?
  7. I suppose it's possible, I have been hearing about plenty in other parts of the port river this year. But if anyone is lucky enough to catch one from st kilda they would want to keep it quiet. Every man and his dog would be there.
  8. Kingscote - only fished it a few times but everytime I've caught plenty with next to no effort, and plenty of variety.Pt Hughes - the jetty I've spent the most time on and has the best memories as a kid fishing with my grandfather. Pretty reliable spot to get a feed as wellRapid bay - never had much luck but just recently done pretty well, including the last month when I had 2 kingy hookups.Edithburgh - used to catch hundreds of tommies off there but haven't been back for a lOng time. Vivonne bay - never caught much from here either but just love the place!
  9. Little bit off topic but that is a killer looking fly fishnuts! Did you tie that one yourself? Bet they'd be fish magnets on lots of estuary species not just mullies.
  10. Last time I took the kayak out from st kilda I would have been fined about 20 times! They kept coming up and having a look while I was drifting around. Inquisitive buggers!
  11. Can't get the pictures to work. But chickens look great trust me!
  12. It seems I have been a very good boy this year getting a hark gas smoker and a charcoal rotisserie. Haven't used the smoker yet, gas bottle is empty and no suitable fish in the freezer. Did use the rotisserie on Christmas day to do a couple of chickens and they come up a treat!
  13. I think the creek is on private property and pretty sure there is no tresspassing signs along the fence near the bridge at myponga beach. I'm sure there would be bream in there, there is in every other creek similar to it. Looks pretty shallow though, not sure how big they would be. Might be some deeper holes up near where it enters the valley. But You'd have to make sure you can access it first. I'm guessing back up towards the resi is sa water land too so I'd suspect no access to that either.
  14. like I said whatever sells more papers. Never trust anything completly that you hear on the news or in the paper.
  15. I know what you mean, just hope it doesn't turn from "group harrasses fishermen who defends himself out of fear" to "SHARK fisherman pulls big, sharp knife dripping with blood on people enjoying nice walk on jetty in the sunshine". I know what will sell more papers.