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  1. No love at Moana... No real banks happening atm.Hit up Seacliff / KP again and we scored half a dozen 30cm + fish though!
  2. Im going to wet a line down at Moana this evening.. I will let you know!
  3. Hi,I have had a bit of luck down at Seaclif, Kingston Park the last few weeks, But I live down at Moana... Any reports of YFW down this far? I have had a few sessions and no luck... Any at Christies or in the Onk/mouth?I spoke to a bloke at Seacliff who had been smashing them at low tide with poppers! Very keen to give that a crack!
  4. Any reports of Salmon anywhere on the mid?I went out and fished the North end of Maslins after last Thursdays blow. I managed to catch SEAWEED. It was horrible.
  5. Has anyone been out this morning on the Mid? Thinking of casting a few lures of southport or maslins this evening... Did the wind bring the Mullet Schools in?
  6. Nope aint spotted any around...I have not been using live bait however - do you really think it makes that much of a difference?
  7. Hi,I have recently picked up a few old Daiwa rods (80's I reckon) Graphite Apollos... THey are in average condition but I was wondering if they would be worth getting re-built? They feel like nice rods but thought I might see if anyone remembered them?
  8. Howdy!I have recently moved down to Moana.. I have been fishing a fair bit of North Moana and High Tide and also the mouth at Southport but so far have had no luck with YFW... I have been fishing a running sinker rig most f the time on fairly light gear with bloodworms and cockles.. A million baby tommies/ST but no whiting as yet...Any tips would be brilliant!
  9. Off the breakwater?I might come down Thursday morning and chuck a few Lures..What kind of sizes were you landing?You smoke them?
  10. Was out at Sellicks on the high tide this morning. SO much seaweed around, really frustrating fishing. Couldn't locate a school, managed to catch a few little stragglers but nothing worth keeping.Is St Kilda worth a try one morning this week? Still busy out there?
  11. Cheers fellas!If I head down that way I will say G'day for sure!It's looking like I'll head down south at this point though.. Picked up a second hand bream stick from Bitwell at Glenelg yesterday too, might have a flick down at Southport on the way home....
  12. Hi evryone,I am a long time thief of knowledge off this site but never contributed!I am heading out tomorrow morning to try and catch a few Salmon.. Thinking either Sellicks or St Kilda.. Never actually been fishing out at St Kilda but spend plenty of time down south! Anyone else doing the same tomorrow? I hear Sellicks/Adlinga stretch is quite good on a rising tide at dawn?