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Looking for a Fishing Buddy - Arnhem Land Sep

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Anybody want to go on a trip? Planning on camping on a remote island about 80kms from shore.  About 7 nights on the Island. Take 2 boats, one full of gear that we'll tow. Got both vehicles and boats. Just need to get yourself over here on the EP and drive up. I'll take 2 60 litre fridges/freezers out with solar and a back up gennie. I reckon the cost will $2000 all up when fuel is split. Fish will be Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout, big GTs and Queenies, Longtail Tuna and a couple of days chasing Sailfish. Maybe Barra as well.

Anybody interested?





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43 minutes ago, Softy said:

Geeze that sounds like a damn good trip.... Reckon you will be able to travel by then?

SA is open. NT open. No worries. I'll have to check my profile. I'm in SA near Coffin Bay.

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Lucky bugga lol

Those photos look great and on a remote Island too - wouldn't get any better :) 

Obviously, "enjoy it" would be an understatement, but look forward to another report as excellent as the first.


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