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DIY leashes, particularly for kayaks

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I have been using bungee leashes for a while, they are reasonably tangle free, cheap to make and you make them to suit the item being leashed.

eg. the basic leash


It's a bowline loop at each end. the carabiner end is a smaller loop usually, and the larger loop is for rods/handles.




I've found the bungee holds on to the EVA great if you make the loop snug for your rod, and I don't usually slide it very far down, but you can if the rod butt allows.

I did try putting it around the reel stem for super security but it gets in the way. I've never had the bungee accidentally come off the rod EVA, I don't have a cork butt rod so it might need some experimenting there. Smooth butt rods like Sephia/Zodias I'd have a tighter loop.

The carabiners I clip to my seat and the leashes stay on there permanently, so you could possibly even do without the carabiner and tie the bungee to the seat.

You can make these leashes for under $3 each. I was using the Pinnacle 5 x 50 snap hooks at around $10 for 12, but they are not available atm. Next best seem to be

https://www.bunnings.com.au/taskmaster-5-x-50mm-316-stainless-steel-snap-hook-2-pack_p0237922 at $2.35 for 2

4mm shock cord seems to work best, it's certainly strong enough and doesn't tangle easily

https://www.bunnings.com.au/grunt-4mm-x-5m-black-shock-cord_p4310533 $5.20 for 5m, or get 20m for $16

I leash pretty much everything:

2 x rods - about 1.2m of bungee seems right, it will allow fishing on both sides
1 x net - probably a similar length but depends where you store your net
1 x dry bag - long enough to get it to my lap from behind me, less than 1m, uses 2 x carabiner
1 x phone/key IP68 box - this is under my seat, and it's short, maybe 0.5m, uses 2 x carabiner


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