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Hi all, hoping everyone is enjoying their fishing, there's definitely been some nice spring days to get out for some fishing. I was recently out fishing around Seacliff a few weeks ago, wading around trying for some Garfish and potential whiting. I did get onto a few gar and kgw, and they went straight into the Alvey wading bag. However i did find that when the bigger waves hit, the wading bag would tilt onto it's side and i nearly lost my catch a few times, especially as the water level rose.

I had a thought of trying to have the bag closeable with a zip or Velcro. The zip idea seemed much more difficult and i didn't know whether there was something available on the market and how i would even stitch it on, so i opted for Velcro. I tried to glue it on the inside of the bag with fabric glue, it seemed to hold ok, but the next time fishing it just peeled off in the water. I am wondering if anyone knows of a stronger, waterproof glue that would hold up in saltwater that i could use or any other clever DIY solutions to being able to close/open the wading bag to prevent accidental escapees.

Cheers everyone!

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Thanks Kelvin, that's great! did you use a large leather needle for the mono line. My Alvey bag is the heavy duty red one, the nylon/polyester is quite thick, it would be tough to sew i think. Where did you get a large zip to fit the length of the bag? Do you have any photos please that you could share? thank you

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