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  1. i new bout not having it loaded on land, heres a guy trying to shoot one on land,http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=D60-Ml67xHUpretty powerfull
  2. thanks for the thread, didnt no bout the jetty and wharf restrictions, guess thats y im here asking lol
  3. mm thanks for that, thort they where. i have seen one but didnt shoot just purly becouse i didnt no, im going out with two old saltys this weekend and they sadi they will help show me the ropes. at the moment im only aiming at what i no (so i may be letting a few goodies go, better be safe than sorry)
  4. whats every ones veiws on carrying spears to and from the water. My mates and i weather using a hand spear and especially a spear gun carry it in a bag just so peaople dont get scarred, but the other day two boys followed us to where we where going to fish, we asked if they would like to chuck there spears in our bags but said no.i asked again as one carryed a loaded spear gun, ( if i was at the beach wid my family and a kid witha spear walked by i get nervice for my kids} he just told me its not his problem. So when we got to our location we had a almost a beach full of eyes watching us, even
  5. nicol you would be right, you would be putting them back in the food chain, but if every one took under size fish for those purposes thats where the problem starts and thats why the law stands. y cant you just use a fish of legal size and cut it up for bait, some fish are cannibals arnt they? i usually use the first gar i catch for bait to catch other garfish
  6. it might be hard to police if they where in the act, but some sercumstance should count right. fisheries should have a liitle bit more ground to walk on, its too easy to get around some of these laws and go unseen
  7. can you saggest a good rig for targeting flattys and a good time to catch em, i have been told they are there and snagged one before but never caught one.
  8. Ye will have to do some trial and error on those locations. Where were you catching thos Blue Devil? Mate shot a whiting unfortunatly he shot it to peices so we are hoping the pranger should help with that. Gropers are protected right?
  9. hm ill give it a try, little fish not so good lol, even if they are legal size, i use a numatic spear gun so it tends to make em explode if they are to small
  10. it aint like he did anything wrong, sure it sucks the shark died and it was pregnant but stuff happens ay, he clearly tried to return it, if he killed it y would he return it?inter its not like you where net fishing or doing anyfin illegal, if you read other threads of people sighting illegal practices i bet there is no news story over them purly for the fact that your story can be twisted to get a huge reaction weather it be good or bad.dont no much bout shark fishing but saw the pick, to me it looked like a good catch
  11. hahaha wish you had thrown him in, just strangle him abit first like he was doing to the shark
  12. ah k cheers, almost seems pointless me owning one now, eh i go to queensland twice a year so...
  13. Does any one have any luck fishing off the bridge near the onk mouth, been there a couple of times, using various rigs but never have luck, what can be caught there?
  14. i own a cast net an no not to use it in the onk, infact havnt used it in SA at all as im pretty sure its illegal every where here but is it legal anywhere in SA?
  15. Hey my mate has just moved down from queensland and is getting me into spear fishing, the only problem is we have no idea where to go or really what kind of fish to go after, any help would greatly appreciated. we are also going to Edithburgh this weekend if any one knows of a good spot for us please share (remembering I'm a noob)
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